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  • Ugly Squad Cars

    We have a post about ugly uniforms, but how about ugly squad cars? One of our area departmens has black squads, highlighted with orange graphics,and plain black wheels.UUUUUUUUUGLY!
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    There is a PD in my area that has dark brown cars with red, white and blue stripes.


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      I HATE the tan/cream on black of the Florida Highway Patrol (sorry guys). We also have a local police department that has all white cars with some goofy looking blue tribal flames on the side.
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        I can't find a picture of it, but there is a beach city here that has a patrol car with a huge wave mural painted on the side. It would look OK except it looks like a 5 year old did it...

        Otherwise, we mostly have black and whites or all white cruisers here.
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            I wish I had a picture of the Baton Rouge cop cars. I was in Baton Rouge today and I passed one. My first thought was "God...that is an ugly car."

            I found one!

            But this is a hot car...


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              I know this is old, but I remember even in the 80's, we thought these cars were hideous (San Diego Sheriff).

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                Originally posted by keith758
                We have a post about ugly uniforms, but how about ugly squad cars? One of our area departmens has black squads, highlighted with orange graphics,and plain black wheels.UUUUUUUUUGLY!

                I think seattle cruisers are pretty damned unattractive. most of them are faded blue like that one, but the newer looking ones are alright.


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                  K-Cars rock...

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                      Lexington County, SC has a baby poo yellow color for their squad cars. At the first opportunity to talk to one of the deputies, I asked if they'd lost a bet with another department on the paint color. While agreeing that it was as ugly as homemade sin, they said the color was picked for its visibility. Well, there's no missing it.

                      (trying to find a pic, but the color doesn't seem to show well in photographs.)
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                        Back in the early 1980's from around 1980 to 1985 the Revere Mass Police department where my dad worked had lime/yellow police cars with bright blue lettering....I can rememeber those as a kid growing up...sometimes my dad would bring a cruiser home for lunch...could see it coming a mile away....Delta might remember them if he spent anytime up around my way during that time...I'll see if I can find a pic to post
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                          While im to young to have seen these my dad once told me that in the 1970's the New York State Police cars were half blue and half yellow and when my mom was a kid in the 1960's the Nassau County Police cars were half blue and half orange.

                          The ugliest I have seen:

                          - New Hampshire State Police cars.
                          - Connecticut State Police cars (they arent even marked anymore :confused).
                          - the new East Hampton Town, NY Police cars (the silver, light and dark blue dont go).
                          - I have always thaught the decals and paint styles for the Virginia State Police cars looked to cheap.
                          - Kanawah County, WV Sheriff cars have a very wierd paint scheme.


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                            Minnesota State Patrol - Magenta


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                              city of denver colorado

                              fort worth texas

                              and ogden ny police

                              they just look bad lol.


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