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FLETC Diary Week One...


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  • FLETC Diary Week One...

    I have seen lots of questions about training posted here in the past so as I am in training right now I thought I'd drop a couple letters along the way as I train down here...

    I arrived here last Sunday, and was bussed from the Airport to FLETC where I was signed in and given a Student ID. This ID is on me at all times, It serves as my room Key and I use it for meals at the chow hall. Sunday night was spent unpacking and ironing.

    Monday I recieved Agency Specific training for a day, that is, the Agency that I will work for had the day to tell us about all of the expectations we should have during the basic and advanced courses we'll attend. For anyone that wonders I am in the Military, as is the rest of my 47 member class, that being said we are still adjusting to the environment. I expected it to be a little more "Basic Training" than it is. It's more of a really fast paced Intensive college course but with web gear. We have class from 730 to AT LEAST 430 six days a week. So there's not much time to goof off here.

    Tuesday, We got issued our web gear and some articles of clothing that we'll need to get along for the next couple of months.
    We also learn our way around a little more.
    The Chow hall is huge, Crowded, and actually pretty good. Restraint is required to keep from overeating.

    This first week we had our Training uniforms issued, which are pretty much the only thing here that I have not liked. The uniforms look a lot like the Band camp uniforms from "American Pie 2". We have spent most of our time this first week learning Constitutional law and rules of evidence. I have to say that I was surprised at what I didn't know a few times, but it's all coming together now.
    We've also gone through the first viewing of Cop Killings on Dash cams, which made a lot of the class nervous that night, but determined by the next morning. The people in this class had to fight pretty hard to be selected for this job so there is no quitters that i can see or predict.

    Fun so Far, it's like Disneyland for Cops.

    Will Coy
    "It's a thankless job but I have a lot of Karma to burn off."

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    Check PMs Hemtt
    People have more fun than anybody.


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      Keep these coming Hemtt. Am fascinated to see how it goes.

      Daisy NY


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        Hemtt, yeah tell us more! I am so interested in this!


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          Good luck, I just graduated from CITP at FLETC a while back. Check your PM. Feel free to contact me with any questions about FLETC.
          Live your Tactics, Hope is NOT a method!


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            Good Luck to you...have fun, learn alot, and stay safe!
            "Life breaks us all and afterwards some are strong at the broken places."
            --Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms


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              Have you been to Pam's yet??? The food in the chow hall was good when I was there. Gotta love the PT unforms don't you.
              Walk slow, Talk low, and Don't say Too Much.


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                Good luck buddy, and your insights are very interesting.
                "This is Papa Bear. Put out an APB for a male suspect, driving a car of some sort; heading in the direction of, uh, you know, that place that sells chilli. Suspect is hatless. Repeat, hatless." -Chief Wiggum


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