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PT after the academy


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  • PT after the academy

    I know I might come under fire for this, but does anyone else think they should continue some kind of Physical Fitness program after you get out of the academy? It does not have to be so intense but something.. I work with a few guys who got cushy after a while and would never be able to catch a perp.

    I bring this up because my friend called me last night and was telling me about something he witnessed. Last night a few loud teen's were ****ing on someones lawn, being loud and ect so when the cops gets there a few kids just jet and the cops can't catch them, the few they got went into the back of the cruiser.. then the cop opens the back door for something and two more just run out and are gone..

    I try to do something on my days off to keep up my wind and arm strenth, but like I said some guys do nothing and you can tell.

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    Do a search. This has been discussed in the past, with good arguments for both sides of the issue.


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      Who in their right mind would say anything other than to continue w/ pt after the academy How is this even a question?
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        more PT Sir:

        without a doubt and on a daily basis I would say. It's your life and your fellow officer's at stake. If you can't cut the mustard then find another occupation. I have told my fellow Trooopers that especially if they graded low on their PT test.Being in excellent condition is enev moreso for those officers that work alone in one man cars


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          Originally posted by Samuel
          ??? What's a good argument for Not staying in shape?!
          Oh, sorry. I thought the original poster was talking about REQUIRED PT or PT standards after the academy. You're right, there really is no good argument for just not staying in shape.


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            We still have yearly PT tests....of course the standards are set pretty low so you'd have to be an absolute slob to not pass them.

            There really is no GOOD excuse to not stay in shape, but it's tough when you work nights, 12 hour shifts, and then go to court, and want to actually get some things done at home and spend time with your kids. I fit it in on my nights off becuase the gym I belong to is open 24 hours...but it can be difficult.

            When I was new on the job and single, I would work out all the time. Time passes and you get married and the kids come, and you don't have a whole lotta free time. That's still no excuse to get FAT...nothing looks worse than a cop with a big beer belly and the bottom of his vest stuck out over his belt...but all you guys that are young and single....your day will come too.
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              I can understand the arguments against enforced PT or PT standards (from the point of view of the officers, not "what's right"). But I've always thought it would be a good idea for departments to offer incentives for passing a regular physical test... beat a certain score, get more $$$ The top scorer gets maybe a cruise or something. Make it so more officers want to stay in shape, rather than trying to force it down their throats.

              I also think that departments might allow officers to spend a certain amount of time per week on-duty in the gym, and pay for their memberships.


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                their should be a lotta things that officers do them selves and don't....
                and things the agency should do as a incentive.

                just doing a little is better than doing nothing at all
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                  This is just my personal opinion, but I think LE or not, staying in good health should be a part of everyones life. Your good health should be reward enough.
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