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REALIZING ERROR, Woman Drowns Self After Having Girl


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  • REALIZING ERROR, Woman Drowns Self After Having Girl

    Well...she COULD have tried a little harder to get it right and have a boy! jokes aside... [Eek!]

    Egyptian Woman Drowns Self After Having Baby Girl

    Police: Husband had said he'd kill her if child was daughter

    CAIRO, Egypt (AP) An Egyptian woman married to a man with six daughters from previous marriages drowned herself Saturday just hours after giving birth to a girl because she feared her husband's reaction to fathering another daughter.

    The 27-year-old woman left her home in Saff, a rural town about 25 miles [40 kilometers] south of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and drowned herself in an irrigation canal three hours after giving birth to her second daughter, police officials told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

    Before his wife gave birth, her husband had threatened to kill or divorce her if the couple had any more daughters, police said.

    Society in rural Egypt is largely conservative, and many parents often prefer having sons to daughters for cultural and economical reasons.

    Divorce is also considered a taboo in such areas. Many women would rather their husband take a second wife than be divorced.

    The husband, 38, had been married three times before. In each case, he divorced his wives after they gave birth to girls.

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    What a moron; it is sperm that determines it is his fault he did not have a boy. He will marry again, try to have a boy and the chances of having a boy are slim....he is shooting girl sperm and is too stupid to know it.
    "You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas."
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      That guy needs to get some brain cells and stop enterferaring with womens lives. Boo Hoo he doesnot get a boy. Mabye he needs to prove taht he can handle a girl before he gets a son? did he think of that. or mabye he is just to .... "girly" sperm wise to get a boy.
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        Not just Egypt... India and China are both having huuuuuuge problems with finding women to marry their boys.

        I believe in India there's now a 2 to 1 ratio of boys under 10 vs. girls under 10. Doh! Poor fellows, guess it's not so bad for the few girls that get born, however.
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