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Are people getting crazier or what ?


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  • Are people getting crazier or what ?

    Here is a news article of an incident that happened here. I wasnt on duty at the time but I did hear it in the radio. This occured one county over from where I'm at.

    A mother called in an abduction of her year and a half old child. The alert went out.

    Some things didnt add up. When officers got to checking, they realized that she had abandoned him.

    What really happended was that she threw her kid off a cliff . Luckily, he landed in a briar patch and it saved him from getting smashed on the rocks. The baby landed on a small shelf about 50 feet down ,had he not he would have made another 100 or so feet that surely would have been fatal.It is in an area rugged enough that it may have taken years to ever discover it.

    Does it seem like people are getting crazier by the day or is it just me ?

    It seems like these stories get more bizarre everyday.

    She will be tried for attempted murder. Rightfully so.

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    They got of lunatics out there but like they told me in the academy over 20 years ago If you haven't seen it yet it will happen so nothing suprises me anymore no matter how bizzarre.
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      Yes, indeedy, people are getting crazier by the minute. It is not your imagination!

      And with instant world news, we hear about the craziness in other countries, which increases our stress, and leads us closer to world psychosis.

      I am in awe of the violence level we now accept as "normal."



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