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Squad Room "Dept Gym" Question


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  • Squad Room "Dept Gym" Question

    Down in the Squad Room section there's a question re: putting a proposal together for a department gym. Some things I would suggest including in the proposal - answer all the who, what, when, where, why, how questions:

    1. Who would use it - only LE personnel, support staff, family members, other city/county employees etc.

    2. What type of equipment, where is the equipment going to come from (fund raising, paid by department, donated from community, home equipment donated by department staff/officers etc.)

    3. Where are you going to put the equipment - consider space, air quality, lighting, safety, accessibility to water, shower and/or locker room facilities

    4. Why do you need a gym - research general health and fitness information re: advantages of regular exercise. Research current department stats re: injuries, comp time, limited duties, early retirements, deaths (on and off duty) and see if you can tie any of those stats into health/fitness/lifestyle choices. Research national stats re: these same issues (this stuff is more important if you're trying to justify the DEPARTMENT paying for the equipment). If one of the issues mentioned in the Squad Room thread applies (ie. frequently having to work out in your current gym, alongside BG's you've encountered OTJ) mention that also.

    5. If you're asking the the dept/city to cough up the money, discuss all of the advantages to THEM and to individual officers, re: this project. Re: the dept, focus on financial savings, job performance and more professional appearance to the public.

    6. Put all the research and info in writing (typed) and easy to read (bullets). Get a couple of friends/colleagues to read (offer input and proof it) before submitting.

    It's early - that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Also your department should be able to negotiate a reduced membership rate to a gym if there's a number of officers that workout at the same place.
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    Our union & PD management agreed to set aside a portion of the station as a gym. The union purchased the equipment. If you are a union member, you can use the gym. Its worked well for the nearly 30 years Ive been on..


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      There's Another Consideration Here

      A lot of Departments are doing away with in-house gyms due to civil liability issues. If the equipment or location are provided by the department or using the gym is encouraged by the Department, officers who injure themselves while working out can file costly workers compensation claims. If the injury is serious enough, they can collect a disability retirement pension (again at great cost to the employer).

      While civilian or family members use the gym there is also a question of civil liability for injuries sustained by them when they work out.

      I'm not trying to dampen your spirit. To the contrary, I'm just suggesting that your Chief will want a way to insulate the Department, so when you make your presentation, be prepared with a good response to these issues. Probably the best bet is for it to be union purchased equipment on union owned property (get the city to lease the room in question to the union for $1 per month.) In addition, the department needs to be officially neutral, (i.e., neither encourage or discourage use of the gym by department members or their families).
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        Here there is a gym in each station and even the dispatch center. All nautilus equipment and treadmills. No free weights at all. Lastly, only active members of the agency can use it. Third, there is a discount program with one of the local gyms for family.
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