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  • For the "seasoned" officers

    A question for you guys and gals that have been in Law Enforcement several years....

    1) Are people changing for the worse in your opinion. It seems like every generation says that the last had no respect, are mouthier, are more violent(you get the point)... do you really think this is the case.

    2) What do you think of all the advancements in Law enforcement and has it inheritantly changed the Job. Computers in cars, Tasers, Low profile lights on and on and on. Those of you that have seen these changes come about has it changed policing and are all those changes good?
    Retired 02/01/13

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    I don


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      Tennsix hit the nail pretty darn well. Media is there {unfortunately } to sell advertising and make money. They do that by over innundating us with news mostly bad. I always say that the nature of our job alone makes us deal with the rotten, and dregs of society. I mean if Lil Johnny comes homwe from school with an A on his report card, does Mom call the police, NO . Now if Johnny comes home with a bag of dope or doesnt come home, She calls the police. We deal in a negative atmosphere on a regular basis. My experiences, when I was in the city I remember how wierd it was to get calls to "assist the FD in closing a open hydrant" why is it that in the inner city the Fire wont go to an open hydrant without a police escort.? I remember being new and waving at the lil kids, maybe 6-7 yrs old and having them THROW WATER BALLOONS at My PATROL CAR...WTF- Did that happen years ago, probably. Now in my new department I actually get kids to wave at me with all 5 fingers . 10-6 said yesterdays A-holes are todays parents rasing tomorrows court dates{that last part is mine } Its a never ending cycle. WHY I dont know, If I did I wouldnt be a cop...
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