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20 Ohio Marines KILLED This Week


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    Originally posted by That Guy
    Since you compared war to police work, then you know that you can't use reasons found after a traffic stop to justify your stop. Like say you stop a car because you think the tint is off and find that it isn't but you find lots of drugs. Then you notice that the front plate is missing after you stop it. You can't just say, "Look no front plate!"
    I agree that he violated UN conditions (if they weren't plz let me know) so I'd assume that the UN should handle it. Not to mention he violated it periodically and we never really made a fuss.
    You listed other reasons of human rights violations. What about China? They have done a lot worse to their people but its ok since American companies are making tons of money there? What about African countries killing MILLIONS of people?

    As far as your traffic stop analogy (I know it is way off topic here), but it depends when you figure out you no longer have PC for a stop. If I find the drugs after I realize the tint is good and before I notice the no front plate, I am out of luck. If I realize there is no plate, the tint is good, then find drugs (depending on how I articulate the search), I'm good. Timing is everything.

    As far as letting Iraq get away with some things, some cops pass on speeders that they would have stopped at other times (increase in accidents, enforcement grant, new boss wants more tickets, mad at wife, etc.).

    As far as China or Africa, that sounds like the guy you stop for speeding who sees someone else speeding during the stop and demands you stop that guy.
    We have no strategic interest in Africa (Africa has no oil, which we need for our survival; like it or not, it's a reality). We need stability in the Middle East (not necessarily absolute stability, but relative stability). We leave China alone because it is easier to let China be China instead of taking up drastic measures against it.

    Do I think Iraq will be a great place five years from now? No, I think they are screwed. I base my opinion on what I have seen here and what I know about Iraq's history. Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq generally haven't got along since the seventh century. The only time Iraq had stability without outside influence (British, Turkish/Ottoman, etc.) was during the early twentieth century, when the Shiites and Sunnis were getting along. Besides the Shiite/Sunni issue, there are tribal issues, an unbelievable amount of corruption, a high level of apathy among some of the population, and other cultural issues that will keep this place from being "stable". We did the right thing by freeing the Iraqi people. We are helping them to rebuild, training their security forces, helping them to form their government. We are reducing our presence here, but we just can't completely pull out now (it would be pretty irresponsible). This kind of thing takes time, and if they fail it will be their fault, because we gave them the opportunity but they ****ed it away.
    I hope they prove me wrong, but we have to give them the chance and help them help themselves, then give them enough rope to see if they want to hang themselves or be free.


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      Virginia Beach Officer

      A young VBPD officer was one of the 20 Marines from Ohio....RIP.


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        Originally posted by Bodie
        It was bad enough to loose 6 young Marines but yesterday a road side bomb killed 14 more all from the same Marine Unit from Ohio.
        I think we either get out of Iraq or we kill'em all and let GOD SORT'EM OUT.

        There is no sense in our soldiers dying in a country that for the most parts hates AMERICA.

        I agree. There are more being killed now more so when the war was actually going on. Yes, I know it is still going on but when our so called "President" declared the war on Iraq.

        "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." - Jackie Robinson

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