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    I have a digital camera (packed away somewhere) but the quality is so horrible, I don't even bother to use it. The pics are dark and grainy and it's just a cheap Cannon that AOL offered some time ago.

    Can anyone suggest one that won't break the bank, yet produces quality pics?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hmmm, the one I want is around $500.00 it's really nice. You need something such as that with more pixles for when the "MDs" shrink. Heh... know what I mean Katey? Cause, they are about down to pidily lil' nuthin's.



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      Somehow I don't even think THAT will help with the MD's (and you know we're not talking doc's here!). Break out the magnifying glasses, baby!


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        You know Katey...those that talk the most, shrink the most.


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          And it's not even cold out yet!


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            It's cold somewhere.


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              <raises her hand> I know! I know! Can I tell, or would that be gossiping?


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                Welllllll..... NO!!!!

                We don't want to be like them... remember? [Wink]


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                  Yeah, guess you're right. Best thing to do:


                  And anyway, FTATSA...

                  Just for you, Peeps:



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                    Hahahahaha...thanks pal.

                    And now back to the topic at about them cameras?


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                      I've got a $200 Polaroid that takes GREAT pics, but the software has problems working with my computer...even with WIN98 and PhotoShop. So......I STILL can't post any pics. [Frown]
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                        OMG, are you a mind reader? (Peeps and her crystal ball)  - I swear I was just wondering if anyone was going to answer about the cameras.

                        I guess we were a little  -


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                          Geez, you're such a tease, shooter! You mention you have pics and you won't send us any!


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                            Personally, I like the Sony Mavica line. The less expensive ones are in the $300 to $400 range (at Wal-Mart, anyway). We have several at work.

                            I plan on getting one sometime before Christmas, myself.

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                              Choosing a digital camera isn't always easy. It really depends on what you'd like to do with the image. Do you want to print it out off of a printer using photo paper? If so, how large a print?

                              DO you just want something to take nice images that you can email around? Even if they ARE of MD's?

                              Heres an easy breakdown. If you just want to send pictures over the internet, without ever printing it out, you'll need a 1 megapixel rated camera. If you'd like to have nice quality photos to send thru the net, and perhaps make a decent 4x6 or 5x7 print, you'll need a 2 Megapixel rated camera. If you want real nice quality images, and a camera capable of putting out an 8x10 print, you'll need a 3 Megapixel rated camera. Anything larger than that, and you're going to need at least a 5 or 6 megapixel rated Camera.

                              As far as my recommandations go, I always go one megapixel rating above what is necessary. Bottom line is this, the higher MP rating you've got, the higher quality imager you're going to have.

                              SOny makes excellent products, however they use propietary memory sticks (the form of storage used for storing pictures), and also propietary batteries in most of their camera. RUN from the Mavica series such as the ones that take a floppy disc, or the ones that take a mini CD. They are forever breaking, and are way over-rated as far as their quality goes. There are excellent sites out there that go over all of this, but there is one that I consider to be the absolute best.

                              Go there, and you can view customer comments about tons of cameras, view sample shots from every camera, and they delve very deeply into the technical aspects of the hobby. Good luck.

                              One more thing to consider, Sony, Fuji, and Nikon are generally considered to be the best digital camera manufacturers out there.

                              [ 10-07-2002, 08:39 PM: Message edited by: CopInNY ]


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