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To My Brothers & Sisters in MD


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  • To My Brothers & Sisters in MD

    If any of you should, by the grace of god, happen to come across this lowlife who's shooting people, please be careful. We already know he's not afraid to shoot strangers. I hihly doubt he'd be afraid to shoot a PO. While out and about, keep your eye on your surroundings. Be safe.

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    The coward will kill himself when found out, he's just taking as many as he can now.

    He's just this am shot a 13 year old boy.

    Jim Burnes


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      He will either kill himself, or he will boast for all it's worth and get in his TV time. If he's that brazen (sp?) I doubt that he'd just buckle under pressure. That's what I think anyway. But things here are pretty chaotic. Not happy times in the least...
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        I got an idea for the Police there. They are looking for a white van with lettering on the side. I think it might be one of those rental vans. It won't be an easily traced van like Joe's Plumbing so I would look at the recent rentals. I would focus in on Muslim type names while they are at it... I know racial profiling is not P.C. but maybe in this case it might be a good starting point.


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          I feel some what violated. I can't even go out and live my daily life as I used to. I, now, have to think twice about where I'm heading out to and whom I am going to be with. I, now, am out on the look out more of my surroundings...I feel like I've been taken hostage indirectly as many citizens of the Washington Metropolitan area may feel. It is sad that an individual would commit these cowardly crimes, kill an elderly just sitting on a bench on a nice afternoon, trying to kill a boy trying to learn to make this world a better place, harming a mother unloading the shopping cart. I feel that this person needs some serious help but only if he steps forward and surrenders himself to law enforcement, which is not so likely. The law enforcement agencies who in this as a one to bring this person to justice are angry and beyond motivated find a closure to this mess. And seeing some support from O.com and other people is a help because who knew this would happen and how do we take on a self defense tactic if this continues?
          "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst."


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            Why would you focus on Muslim names? I don't mean to be "PC", but I don't quite see your chain of logic. Maybe if it was some nut going around planting pipe bombs in the parking lots of churches and synagogues ...


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