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Thanks for all your support- Pt. Beach Police Officer


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  • Thanks for all your support- Pt. Beach Police Officer

    Good afternoon, I just wanted to thank all of the users who expressed thier support after reading my account of the situation regarding the

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    Sorry about that. This is in regard to the parking summons issued to NYPD Officer Longo. I want to thank all who responded after reading my account of what actually happened on the 2nd of August. The response from the forum has been very positive and it is a wieght lifted off of my shoulders to finally tell my side of the story. For those who have not read my account, you will find it on the second page of the topics section. Again thank you all for the support.. P/O Andrew Gunning Pt. Pleasant Beach PD


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      Fair play mate. No often someone has the guts to stand up and be counted these days. You did. As I stated in the other thread, IMHO you did the right thing. Having now read your side I stand by that.
      Also, top marks for you boss. There's a few other so called 'superior officers' who could take more then a leaf outta his book.
      Ignore the people who sent threats over this, it's so anal it's just not true.
      As you can probably see, most of us here are OK (mad as fish, but OK )
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