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Steroids for combat troops?


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  • Steroids for combat troops?

    Should combat troops be able to use steroids?

    ROME - Italian police seized 215,000 doses of prohibited substances as they smashed a ring that supplied steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs to customers around the world, including American soldiers in Iraq, a police official said Monday.

    The U.S. military in Iraq had no immediate comment, but the popularity of steroid abuse has long been discussed as American troops and contractors in Iraq work out in gyms set up in bases and even in the mirrored halls of one of Saddam Hussein's former palaces.

    Joe Donahue, program director for the Vietnam Vets of America Foundation, who spent 16 months in Iraq

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    Too much steriods at one time makes a person jittery and jumpy and you don't need that in combat,especially when you, will be commanded to sit still and hold your position.A good dose will make you more aggressive,and hard to control.


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      When I was in the Marines my roommate used steroids for about a year. He did get kinda moody but we use to work out everyday and I was about 4 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier then he was. After about 4 months on the stuff he was out lifting me. BUt as soon as he stopped taking them he went right back down to what he was lifting before he started. But at least in my unit there were quite a few users. I never did I had better stuff to spend my money on like Beer
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        Stupidest idea ever.


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