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Cop cars as the next billboards ?????


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  • Cop cars as the next billboards ?????

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    Sure and we can sell Ice Cream from them too to defray the costs of operating a Police dept.


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      Well, thats one way to raise funds for emerging technology.. Now is it tasteful is a entirely different story...
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        I have heard a lot of talk about this in my town. There was a rumor that pharmacuetical giant Eli Lilly, a hometown business was going to buy our dept. all new cars for the right to have a sponsored by Lilly sticker on the back of the car.

        I haven't seen any of these cars, but from what I have heard, they will not look like NASCAR. I tried going to the website, which can be found by putting "Government Acquistions llc" into Google search engine. For some reason my laptop kept malfunctioning (hopefully not an omen).

        I will take this editorial stance. Just like schools constantly pimping children into selling, candy, wrapping paper, popcorn, etc. to raise funds for uniforms, equipment etc. We are again seeing essential services searching for alternative forms of financing. Somehow our nation which so reveres education and public safety, around the water cooler, in the polls, stating "oh we need to spend more on education, fire, police", still doesn't get it. SPEND IT!

        We need to quit saying that we want to throw money that way and do it. Again as election time grows near, we will hear it from overpaid politicians.

        I don't need to preach to those in LE, but the there is no reason fire/medic/police personnel should be driving around in mechanically compromised and/or underperforming vehicles. Our lives and the service we provide to the public count on them.

        If a sticker on the bumper on a car outrages the public and politicians, sorry, ante up. If the public is willing to pay for the likes of Shaw, Jordan, Earnhardt, Jeter, Cruise, Madonna, then they can certainly understand paying for essential services.

        I don't want sponsor stickers on my car, but I don't want to drive a 5 year old car with 120,000 miles that shakes rattles and rolls over every bump in the road.
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          I'm driving around with a bad u-joint that they haven't fixed (even though it's been in fleet shop twice now).

          I think I have an idea....put the add's in the animal/prisoner holding seat. One's from bailbonds or pharmaceutical (sp) companies would be best....that way non-druggies and hop-heads alike get material.
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            I agree that more money needs to go to public safety. I think most citizens do. What bugs me though is when local governments reduce the percentage of genral funds to public safety and then say that a NEW tax is needed to keep us all safe. They take away money from public safety to finance something the public would not approve and then tell us if we don't support the NEW tax we're not in favor of public safety.
            Bill R


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              I don't know. Maybe we should start selling advertisement like Nascar.
              Sir, your arrest is brought to you by Dolly Madison. We couldn't have done it without out Waffle House Ford Crown Victoria and our Ace Hardware Smith&Wesson Handcuffs. Your initial court appearence will be sponsered by Freds Tire and Lube. If you do resist you will be sprayed with our Johns Lawn Service OC Spray. Your decontamintion is brought to you by Bills Roofing Inc.
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                If the city wants to sell ad space on the side of city hall or on the side of garbage trucks and then use the proceeds to upgrade emergency services then that is fine with me. Driving an ad around though on the side of a cruiser is too much for me. The ethical considerations being the most obvious issue with the police openly accepting money from businesses. The brass gets bent out of shape if a restaraunt wants to give me a free meal but they can buy a sign on my cruiser and that is less of an issue?

                I can't recommend a specific business (go to AAAA locksmith, they're the best here) due to liability. Now the liability will be if I don't recommend them because they own 1/4 of my bumper...

                I don't care if it is tastefull, I don't like the ethics of the issue.

                Besides when did the community all of a sudden get off the hook with paying for their own emergency services? Maybe people will be more willing to pay up when your response time is 3 hours because you had to stop and wait for a wrecker and then get another car before arriving. That would suck but it isn't up to the police to generate their own revenue. We gotta work with what the public and politicians give us. Maybe the unions and associations should make a big media campaign issue during elections and point out to the public how dillapidated the department is because of the current politicians unwillingness to help financially... That would be quite a mandate when the mayor gets booted for the person who promises to upgrade.

                I'll get off the soapbox now. I just hate the idea that I'd become a sales pitch. I think those ads would have a lot of difficulty staying stuck to my car that's for sure.
                I intend to go in harm's way. -John Paul Jones


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                  i'm in the process now of working with a local car dealership. we are discussing the use of a new vehicle. dealerships have demo vehicles that usually don't go more than 5,000 miles before they are sold. i have been working with the dealership to have them provide us a new car every 6 months or so that would be used by our SRO. what we will give them in exchange is the name of the dealership on each side of the car written at the very bottom in letters about 1 inch tall on the lowest part of the rocker panel.

                  a guy i used to work with went for the same concept. i know there's not a single one of you who wouldn't take this....  -

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                    WOW, the only thing missing in that pic was a bikini model on the hood [Eek!]


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                      You know what guys.. I think that as long as the money profited from the advertising goes to programs like DARE, Crimestoppers, etc., then lets go for it..... At least it gives disobedient suspects something to read while they're eating the paint off your cruiser... (LOL)



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                        Another option is for cities to more agressively pursue people who misuse city services. We have an abusive amount of false residential and business alarms. We have an ordinance that will fine people after 3 for $50. We have some addresses which have had us out 20+ times in one month. I think the fines need to start going up to several hundred.
                        Do your best, do what is right


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                          If a company or car dealership wants to sponseor or funs a program such as D.A.R.E. or Crimestopper with a specialty vehicle ,thats fine...but advertising on the side of a partol is just tacky.i think its a very bad idea.


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                            Here's an update:

                            USA Today article

                            According to the company selling the advertising -"the company will solicit ads from national and local companies -- 'even the local bail bondsman, or an attorney's office.'"

                            Can you imagine driving around in a squad emblazoned with an ad for the defense attorney that just got your last bust off on a technicality?
                            Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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                              Advertising for a bail bondsman or attorney is the same as a verbal recommendation in exchange for a kickback. It's corrupt.

                              Ads on patrol cars is just stupid. It's bad enough that we have the department's web address across the back bumper. It's also time to get rid of the "911" stickers. Is there anyone in the country who doesn't know to call 911?
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