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    I am about done with the hiring process for my city department. I have my interview with the Command Staff on Tuesday and I believe I am prepared. I am a little nervous though. This is not the oral board but I am treating it like it is. I have read through all the info that they gave me and I have got a nice suit. I now work with a retired D.P.S Commander in my current job and he has been my number one supporter and has given me heaps of advice on what he used to look for while he conducted his interviews.

    I am looking to absorb any more advice that you folks have to offer me. Thanks in advance for sharing your tips with me.
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    Just look them in the eye and be yourself, I'm sure you'll do just fine.
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      I am in a small town of 7000 people. We have approximately 16 full time officers (don't quote me on that). I work full time for the fire dept. (4 full time members and 30 volunteers). I am applying for a postition at the police department so I already know how the system works from being hired at the fire dept. First I went and talked to the Police Chief and got an application. After I turn it in, they will narrow down the applicants to the top 5 or 6. Those 5 or 6 people will go before the Civil Service Commission and the Police Chief. The Civil Service Commission consist of City Council Members, local business owners, retired police officers, etc. There is about 8 people on the commission then the PD Chief will sit in. They interview each applicant and then at the end they will vote on the one they like the best for the position being offered. It is really nerve racking because each one will ask questions about their general background for you to answer. The business owner will ask about burglary etc. The council member wants to know your career plans, police officers will grill you on why you want the job. Anyway, I am turning in my application tomorrow so the fun is just beginning.

      When I went before the Civil Service Commission for the fire dept., I was myself and answered all of their questions thouroughly and honestly. Two days later, I got the call that I had been hired. That's my tip, just be honest and answer their questions as best you can.

      Reason for wanting to move from fire to police is posted in another thread and is too lengthy to spill out again.


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