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    While looking for Police Jobs in Hawaii I have come across a Police Officer position through the Department of the Navy. It is titled POLICE OFFICER / DETECTIVE DON0083 and it shows openings through out the US. If anybody knows anything about this position could you let me know? It is my understanding that it is not Shore Patrol but something on the civilian side.
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    I dont know about that but we just had an officer leave our dept to join NCIS as an agent. You may look into that he is in academy right now says he likes it pays real well also.
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      Read the thread entitled "DoD Police" in ask a cop..

      The current announcement is just a gathering list. The pay for navy region Hawaii is horrible (starting is something like 15k plus 25% COLA). They just lost half of their housing to Honolulu PD due to the privatization.

      The army also has civilian officers at Ft. Shafter and the giant army hospital. The air force has also opened up slots at their remote facility on the island.
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        yes this is in my area a little since my father was in the navy for 20 yrs. and had lots of time on the naval bases in VA. the civilian police that work for the navy just provide perimeter protection and all around base security except in security areas like Intelligence, but the navy switched to civ because it was too expensive to maintain a force of MP's to protect the bases in the US since they have to pay all of their benefits so the MP's protect bases abroad and some bases in the US but they aremoving those few to civ now. Also yes the NCIS they are the investigation arm for the Navy and Marines, linked right to the top ( secnav) and for the most part civilian, and they have to pass the navy's standards and everything like that but don't enlist. and they serve wherever the navy or marines go, and also do some investigations for the DOD, its a good job, I have researched it a little. they have full LE staus and can carry and have the authority to arrest under fed laws and UCMJ and so this means both military and civilian. They take people with no experience and they train at an academy in Glynco,GA for like 14 wks then their supplemental academy after that, here is their website for more info, www.ncis.navy.mil/index
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