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$28 BILLION to former smoker?!?


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    Is it any wonder Sir Walter Raliegh was given a death sentence by the Crown?
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      Sure the tobacco misled people initially in the 50's and 60's. However, starting in the 70's reports started coming out with the dangers of smoking on your health. If this woman had stopped smoking in the 70's or 80's or heck, even the 90's, she might not have lung cancer today. So, it is her fault after all that she has this disease.

      I feel for her and her family but my dad has been smoking for over 30 years. It was HIS choice to put a cigarette in his mouth and HIS choice to continue to do so even though he KNOWS it affects his health negatively. When or if he develops lung cancer, emphysema or some other smoking related disease, I sure as hell won't be holding the tobacco companies responsible for something HE did.
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        There are no known redeeming effects of tobaco.

        What are the redeeming effects of alcohol, caffeine or sugar? There are already suits against fast food outfits for not warning that their products will make you fat. Where would this line of reasoning end? It reminds me of the movie "Demolition Man".
        Bill R


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          This is another example of society's "don't blame me" attitude. Some more examples of blaming others for their own stupidity. Putting hot coffee on the dash & then sueing McDonald's for not telling them it was hot. Putting a loaded gun in a drawer where a child can find it & then sueing the gun manufacturer for not telling them that it was dangerous. Crossing a school roof at night trying to break into the building & falling through a sky light, then sueing the school district for not having warning signs on the roof. Juries & courts need to start making the individual accountable for their own mistakes.


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            Originally posted by Bill R:
            "What are the redeeming effects of alcohol, caffeine or sugar?"

            Caffeine is, in moderation, a relatively non-toxic stimulant. It helps to keep people alert when they are at work, driving, working the graveyard shift, etc. A lack of alertness at such times can be dangerous to your health or financial well being.

            Alcohol, again in moderation, seems to have over all health benefits. It cleans the liver and kidneys and may reduce the risk of heart attacks. It has a long standing tradition of use in many religious ceremonies. It helps to promote relaxation and social interaction. In some places and times, it was actually more healthful to drink alcohol than water as the water was dangerously contaminated. Besides, I think that alcohol has been part of our history for so long that it really is a special case. After thousands of years of documented use, there truly can be very few people who are not aware of the risks.

            Sugar is an actual food stuff. When used in moderation, it can provide some of the carbohydrates that our bodies need. It also helps make healthy but otherwise distasteful foods palatable.

            Fast food is, of course, food. Due to our fast paced society, there are often times when people are forced to eat quickly, in their cars, on the run, etc. While too much fast food is definately bad for you, it is certainly better than starvation. This is, unfortunately, something with which most law enforcement officers have far too much experience.

            Having said all of the above, I wouldn't disagree with what most of you are saying if the tobaco industry had just been honest and forthcoming when they became aware of the risk. After all, I am a libertarian. I believe in allowing people to make their own decisions (and assume responsibility for those decisions) as long as they are not deliberately mislead as to the risks involved. Legally, assumption of the risk and contributory negligence (comparative negligence in some states) would act to eliminate or reduce judgements had the defendant promptly admitted that smoking is deadly as soon as they became aware of this fact.


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              Beer brings us great commericals. Why sue and lose the "twins" or "the Swedish Bikini Team".


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