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Report The Assault or not?


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  • Report The Assault or not?

    Good Afternoon Gentelmen,

    I have rather a big dilema. Last night a friend of mine went home and was assaulted by her mother. She struck and broke her mothers nose in self defense. She is 18, so she isn't a minor here in Tx. This isn't the first time this has happened, and if she dosent call the police for assault, I will be doing it for her very soon. This has gone on long enough.

    She forgot to pay a traffic ticket, and she wants to call the police, but is scared to because she dosen't want to go to jail. If she calls the police, and they come for the assault report, will the run her ID and stuff to see if she has any warrants out for her(as she might being that she didnt show to court)?

    I really wanna show her mom that you can't simply treat people like this, BUT, I don't wanna send her to jail either. Yes, she was irresponsible and should of taken care of the citation like everyone else does, but I don't wanna send this girl to jail.

    What can I do? I'm not gonna go over there and tell her mom that I will break her legs if she touches her daughter again.

    What would the charge be? Assault with bodily injury or what? Her mom was assaulting her and she hit back in self defense.

    Two years ago I was involved in an altercation at a movie theatre. A guy that I had a long time problem with came up and hit me in the back of the head. I preceded to hit him and knocked out 2 of his teeth, but the LOE told me that it was self defense, so I wouldnt have any charges pressed.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    I get calls like this every once in a while... Someone calls to make a report about thier friend getting assaulted. I do not take a report unless the victim makes the report. If the victim does not feel the need to call the police, then I don't feel the need to take a report.


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        Not a cop

        Here is what I do know though. If your friend goes in and pays her ticket, she will be dismissed and will NOT go to jail in my state.

        Also in my state the victim if they are NOT a minor has to be the one who presses charges. YOU CAN'T DO IT. I don't know how Texas does things but thats how it would work here.


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          Originally posted by Jetter2
          I really wanna show her mom that you can't simply treat people like this, BUT, I don't wanna send her to jail either. Yes, she was irresponsible and should of taken care of the citation like everyone else does, but I don't wanna send this girl to jail.
          You would not be the one sending her to jail, so that should not be a concern of yours. If she winds up getting arrested for failure to pay or plea, or whatever the specific charge is in your state, it is because of actions she chose to take. It has nothing to do with you.

          If Mom got a broken nose she likely went to the ER. I'd be surprised if the ER staff wasn't under some sort of obligation to report the incident if they believed it happened as a result of domestic violence.

          The charge in Connecticut for the daughter would be Assault 3rd, because she caused injury. Depending on how the Mom "assaulted" her daughter she might get the same thing, or she might get Disorderly Conduct. Either way, it would be classified as domestic violence and both of them would get the next available court date, and would also get court-ordered counseling/anger management.
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            So If I am standing out in a parking lot, a man comes up and hits me, and I hit him back in self defense and break his nose, I get in trouble for defending myself?

            I wouldnt be able to press charges I know, but she is worried about going to jail.
            I am going to talk her into pressing charges, but I don't see how she should get in trouble for defending herself.



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              Assault in any STATE by a family member etc is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE regardless of it occurs in a parking lot or in the home. Assault by a stranger like you describe is assault. Got It ?

              Your friend is not a VICTIM but a particpant in a domestic situation that if pushed will land her & mom both in jail. PERIOD.

              If she calls the police and the story is as you told it she is in the jail fater then she can say bye to mom. Oh yeah she won't have to say bye they both go to jail.

              She takes your advice about pressing charges and she is real stupid.
              Why did you come here for advice when you already know it all ???


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                If I were you, I'd mind my own business. Your friend is an adult, and her mother is an adult. If she doesn't want to call the police, that's her problem. This doesn't require your intervention.


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                  His advice is going to land his FORMER friend in JAIL


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                    One that really makes me mad is when some idot calls in a crime that did not happen to them. 9 times out of 10 your friend did not tell you the truth in the first place. they only tell you the part that makes them look good. If she dont want to call the police her self then forget about it We busy enough dealing with the idots that do call the police dont have times for concerned "friends". Beside When did everyone make the decision to call the cops everytime they have a little fight. When I was growing up two people got in a fight one lost one won and you went on your way no cops needed.
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