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Fall :)


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  • Fall :)

    My favorite time of year Cooler weather, beautiful foliage and a brisk breeze.

    So, what's your favorite season?
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    October is my FAVORITE month of the year. I'd love to live somewhere where it was October-like all year long.....
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      Better hiking, better mountain biking, HECK I'm better!
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        October is the best month!!!

        Fall is my favorite holiday!!!

        Something about the season, the crisp air and the overall feeling. I love it!!!


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          I gotta say I love all seasons, but this summer was miserable for me and I'm
          SO glad to see fall coming. It's still warm and HUMID here but the weather man "says"
          cooler days are comin'.

          Fall will see me spending more time in the woods, after deer season of course or on safe ground. I know I'm a dear but I don't want to be mistaken for a deer [Wink]

          I love the winter and snow too, but we don't see much of that here. Just ice.
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            I agree with shooter- I wish I could live in October all year.
            I love all the typical stuff, the smell of burning wood, the crisp air, and best of all, sleeping curled up with the covers up to my nose. And Maine's got some pretty gorgeous foliage too... Good time to visit- shops are still open, but there aren't as many tourists as during the summer.

            My favorite days are towards the end of October when all the leaves are already down, the sky is grey and the wind's blowing... For some reason, being outside in weather like that is the best- seems very cozy to me.

            Only problem though, is that it's over too soon- and then there's winter. Winter's fun for a month or so in November, but when it's snowing and freezing in April, then it's just [Frown]
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              sorry to rain on everyone's fall parade here, but i am DEFINITELY a memorial day to labor day type of person. i am the biggest pain in the @$$ (as some of you already know) from october thru may. but my wife says i'm a pain from october thru october.

              i was one of the few who had absolutely NO complaints in july and august when we had like 11 days in a row with the temp near 90 or above. of course my ideal temp is 82 or so, but i won't complain when the 90's hit because i HATE winter time. anything below 70 is too cool for me. if i can't sit outside in the evening with a t shirt and shorts, it's cold!!
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                Summer is usually my favorite season, but I couldn't wait for this one to pass. The humidity was a bitch all summer. I love spring too, where everything comes to life all over again. One of the prettiest seasons. Fall is nice too; winter on the other hand, I can do without. I hate it!


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                  Autumn is my most favoritist season!
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                    Originally posted by AutumnAngel:
                    Autumn is my most favoritist season!

                    Hmmmmm That was my guess also. [Wink]

                    I love fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, X-mas... what a great time of year... Oh and football season.


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                      Fall all the way..... the colours are beautiful, the smell in the air awesome and the Christmas lights start coming. Its all beautiful!


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                        October rocks! It's not September, and it's not summer or winter. Best of all...Halloween!

                        Candy is GOOD.
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                          Here, it's easy to tell when fall is near.

                          Crisp upper 40's/lower 50's in the mornings, and mid to upper 70's in the afternoons.

                          And when the sun goes down, so does the temperature!

                          Best of all is watching all the folks attending the local Universities being cold in the mornings, going home during lunch and getting something warmer to wear, and being too hot in the afternoon [Wink]

                          They just can't seem to grasp the concept of living in a high desert.
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                            Ah, fall. It just don't have the meaning it used to. Instead of colorful leaves, cool weather and crackling fireplaces, we have hurricanes, hot weather and the return of the blue haired snow bird. Oh...and the second "love bug" season.

                            I miss the "real" fall .


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