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    click Click Click is the sound my car is making. Mike TX? whats wrong with it? So I have never had to do this before, but I actually called work and told them I cant come in cause my car is broke. I live 30 minutes from work and no one is around to give me a ride. Grrrrr...

    I started it up and it sounded hesitant to start... so I turned it off and tried to start it again, to no avail. It's BROKE.. damn car is just Broke.

    I looked under the hood at all the thingamajiggies, but I couldnt even find the air filter. So Mike??? whats wrong with my car?
    Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!

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    There were alot of things I started to say, then I thought better.

    I do have one question, do you know anything about cars except how to make it start, drive it, and put gas in it?
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      tah!... SHA!?!?! Of course, i know how to wash it and vaccuum it and put oil and other fluids in. I know how to change a tire and stuff. (stuff ie...unscrew things)

      According to my H, I sure know how to break them. but this is the first time this one broke. Its a 97 Lumina (car). Its beautiful too. its just that... its broke now... you know whats wrong with it?

      I should mention again.. the sound is this:

      Click Click Click when I turn the key. It has power still, but now it wont even turn over. Just click click click click click click click.
      Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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        Starter, battery or alternator. If it will jump start it is the battery or alternator, if it won't its the starter probably.

        But, I'm just a cop. A mechanic would probably be better able to tell you.

        [ 10-03-2002, 04:13 PM: Message edited by: Evnings ]
        RADAR is the 8th wonder of the world.


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          I think its the starter myself. cause it clicks, which (if memory serves me) means the alternator is fine.. Otherwise wouldnt the alternator just spin if it was broke? No clicking? then I thought.. What if its the ignition module? Err ignition switch.. whatever its called. Maybe its just a five dollar part. I better call around to see how much the starter is. DO starters have a core charge?
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            The clicking is probably the solenoid. That could mean several things. Some easy to fix, others not quite so simple. First thing I'd do is try to start the car with jumper cables. If that works, take a short drive (10 miles or so) and return home. Shut down the car and then attempt to start it a few hours later. Hopefully, everything will then be OK. If not, jump it again and take it to a mechanic.

            If you've never changed your battery, it's about at the end of its reliable life and you may want to consider a new one.


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              i think it's santa claus

              "up on the rooftop, click click click......"
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                Sounds like the Flux capacitor or a plasma injector needs replacing.
                Seriously though, I agree with most, its gotta be the starter. I have had 2 go on me in the past and they both made the click click click noise you describe.
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                  Bring it to the local P.D. could be a bomb. Just kidding. [Wink]
                  seriously it means the hamster is on a lunch break. The clicking is them chewing on the nuts.


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                    Well I had the starter changed, but its not the starter, cause evenbefore we changed it it started up. I think its something with the fuel lines because it is like it doesnt start right up.... sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. and sometimes it does and it like runs out of fuel and dies. But if I am driving it, its fine or even at a stoplight its fine.

                    I actually made it to work, but I have to pray that it starts when I leave work. Im going to go buy a new car... before the end of next week!
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                      Always start with the simple things. Check your battery.

                      The same thing happended to me about a year ago. Same symptoms.....Click, click, click...
                      I replaced the starter.....all evening job and $80 later....Click, click, click.

                      I checked the battery....viola!
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                        All evening job? hmmmm.. it took Jeff about 45 minutes. you must have a hard to reach one!

                        Actually I replaced the starter, battery and alternator. Guess which one it was?.... let me scroll back and see who wins the boobie prize.

                        Evnings you win. I was joking about the boobie prize hehhehe....you are the only one who came close. from here on end, You are my mechanic! It was the alternator.

                        Now I have to bring back the starter I bought. I had Jeff put the old one back in... teeheee... MAN I spent a couple hundred gettting it fixed.. GRRRRRRR... EVERYONE WANTS MY MONAAAY! Im still gonna buy a new car by the end of next week!

                        ahhh and I liked the flux capcitor line Peeler.
                        Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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