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    hey can your normal armory install the glock laser or do you need to take it to a specialishttp ://lasermax-inc.com/products/lms-1141p.phpt. saw it on this site
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    It really depends on the type of laser and the type of Glock you have. I don't carry a Glock (thinking about buying one though), but most of the guys on the department do.

    If you have a newer Glock it normally comes equipped with a Tac rail for the flashlight/ laser system. If you get a guiderod mounted laser, or handgrip lasers you should be able to install the laser yourself.

    You may also want to consider the fact that if you have a laser installed, you will need a holster to accomadate it. You will also have to send your weapon in for days at a time to get the laser installed and to have the battery changed. your best bet is probably a Glock with a Tac rail


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      I believe the use of the Crimson Trace and the Lasermax lasers, do not necessitate any new holster selections. The former is in the grip and the latter is an internal rod replacement (or I have them switched around). From what I have read, the Lasermax laser can be done fairly easy on your own. I'm not sure what is involved with the Crimson Trace; it might just be a removal of the old grips and installing the Crimson Trace ones.

      I believe the only type laser requireing a different holster, would be the rail attatched typed. There are a lot of good ones out there too. Some, like the x2, M3 and M6 are a bit expensive. You might want to ck into
      www.laserlytesights.com, they are less expensive and from what I have read from fellow members on another site, they are good.

      You also might want to sell your Block...I mean Glock and buy a SA XD; accessories work better on this gun.
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        how do you get a crimson trace laser on a glock?? Unlike a berreta or a sig you can not changed the grips.......
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          You have to send the frame in to get the Crimson Trace laser installed I believe. LaserMax is a guiderod replacement you can do yourself.
          Crimson Trace and LaserMax do not require a specialized holster, LaserMax does not alter the dimensions or appearance of the handgun, Crimson Trace is installed in the small area behind the magazine well and the laser is on the front of the trigger guard (it is very small) and does not interfere with holster selection.


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            i like the M6 and the M6X by streamlight. its the light/laser combo built in one unit. www.lonewolfdist.com has them for cheaper prices than most other places. Fobus has a holster that accomadates the tac light/laser mouted on the gun, but i'm not too big with Fobus holsters for duty holsters. Quartermaster.com and galls.com have belt holsters that carry the tac light/laser. Just pull it out as you draw your gun and slide it on.
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              Crimson Trace just introduced a user installable laser unit for Glocks, it wraps around the upper portion of the backstrap and puts the laser in more or less the same place it is on their other grips, it hasn't been released for sale yet but should be available soon. The LaserMax is very easy to install, if you can field strip your Glock you can install the LaserMax. Both the new Crimson Trace unit and the LaserMax will allow the pistol to be carried in a conventional holster.
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