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I would like some help please....


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  • I would like some help please....

    hello, i have a strange question, hoping that an officer (preferably one with knowlege of Oregon law) can help me out here. A while ago I was arrested. UUMV and MIP. i was a terrible little child, my parents weren't the best so I decided (wrongly) to .....well.....join a gang and involve myself in criminal activity. I know it doesn't make any sense, but I did it. Anyway, I ended up getting caught, arrested and punished. The officer who arrested me was (without a doubt) the first person in a long time to treat me well, talk to me. He seemed to really care, he told me about Jesus. He was such a kind and gentle person. Yes, I was Saved in the back of a police car. Most of my old "friends" from my gang days are in jail, on drugs, in prison and 2 of them are dead. I'd be just like them if it wasn't for the man who arrested me that day. I really, really want to thank him. Problem is, I have no idea how to find out who he is. My record was sealed after I turned eighteen, all I know is that he was with Marion County and I remember his face. Considering if I'd never met him I may very well be dead right now, I owe him my life, But all I can give him is my thanks. Is there any way i can find out who he is so that i can tell him thanks? Or is it hopeless? I'd appreciate any advice that anyone can give me.

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    Contact the agency he works for. Tell them your story and ask them if they will post it in the briefing book, (or whatever they call it there) and include information on how he can contact you. If he gets it, he may.


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      What a great story. You owe Jesus your life. The officer was just a conduit. It is great you want to let him know, but don't let it consume you. Pass it on.
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        Desert Rat is right. I'm not real familiar with how juvenile records work when they're sealed, but if you can't get access to the original report, going to the sheriff's office is your best bet.

        Marion County Sheriff's Office
        100 High Street NE
        Salem, OR 97308

        MCSO works out of a number of substations, so if you can tell them the area where you were arrested, it might help. Knowing the date of arrest, the time of day, and even a physical description of the deputy are all things that can help track him down. The more information the better.

        If that fails, one other thing you might try is to contact your defense attorney. They have huge caseloads and he probably won't remember you, so it's a long shot. But if he happens to remember you and your case he may remember the deputy's name.

        Good luck,

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          I think it's great that you are willing to go to so much effort to say thank you. Most people wouldn't bother, but he would probably appreciate it. Good luck.


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            Even though your record is sealed, there may still be some info left in the system, such as the original booking/incident report. Contact their records division and tell them what's going on.

            Good luck to you!


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              First, congrats on receiving Christ as personal Lord and Savior. I echo TxInvestigator in that this officer was simply a tool and that it is Jesus in which you owe your life to. It is excellent to hear that you are attempting to locate this officer to thank him for his caring attitude towards you. I am positive you will make his week, if not life!

              Mike provided the information for the agency in which you believe he worked for. Contact that agency and hope for the best. I for one would like to hear how this story ends...Keep us posted! PM me if I can assist you in any way. Blessings.



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