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  • Software in Vehicle Laptops

    I was bored and wanted to find somethings to develop. I was doing some googling and found a few sites that did Software for the laptops that are in Police Vehicles.

    So I decided to develop one as well. My first question is, what are your complaints about your current software?

    Do any of you know what screen resolution your laptop is? Also, do you normally run XP or some other Operation System (i.e Windows 98).

    Do the Software you use allow you to do reporting per incident or what?

    Any information would be appreciated. I would love to take your thoughts about you current software and make a better version, not to mention cheaper version.

    Have a great day and be careful.


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    wow 74 views and no comments?



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      Plus 1=75
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        How about something that will automatically seek out and display web porn. This way I can speed happily by while Barney stays busy
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            We just upgraded memory and are running XP. The primary use of our computer is to connect to the TIME system, which allows us to run vehicle registrations/DL status, wants, Criminal Histories and such. The software we run comes from the state patrol, therefore we have no control over it, nor could we purchase a different program to use.

            We could link up to our SMART system, which is our in house database and incident reporting system (allowing us to type reports, and search our vehicle and person database), however, it is very expensive.

            Other than that, I use a simple word document if I want to type something for later entry into SMART, or I play solitare.
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              My biggest complaint is I don't have a computer to put the software in. Does that help?
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                No computers? Where in Georgia are you?


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                  Geez, I thought we were the only PD in the country still hovering around 1972 with regards to computers! I'm glad to see someone else suffers the same way we do.

                  We were going to get computers for the cars a while ago, but we couldn't find extension cords long enough to get around town...
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