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  • Anybody ELSE'S Monday Like This?


    Police Flee HQ As Man Hands Over Grenade

    WINNIPEG, Manitoba (AP)--Winnipeg police have a favor to ask of anyone looking to get rid of a live hand grenade--don't drop it off at the front desk.

    Part of police headquarters was evacuated Monday when Melvin McDonald, 79, showed up the front desk with a World War II grenade he had kept for years as a souvenir. The war veteran said he wanted to get rid of it.

    ``His opening line was, 'I got a grenade,''' Constable Gerry Bernas said. ``I knew he wasn't kidding.''

    The bomb squad and fire department were called and most of the main floor of the Public Safety Building was evacuated.

    McDonald apologized after the bomb squad took the grenade away.

    Police asked people with grenades or other explosive to let police come and take the explosives away, rather than dropping them off.

    ``Please don't drop it off on our front counter,'' Police Constable Bob Johnson said.
    People have more fun than anybody.

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    Why do people have such a harsh reaction to the presense of a hand-grenade?

    Jim Burne


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      Modern accepted practice around UXO. It's now just how things are done.

      I am sure the media added "shock" to the story however.

      (I get so tired of the TV reporters around here that start their tagline "A community is in shock tonite..." No-they are not! It was a freakin' murder and sh*t happens in the real world-I'm not "in shock"...but it adds sensationalism, which they feel "adds" to the story.)

      The modern poractices and procedures for unexploded ordinance CAME ABOUT because "back in the day" people acted like it was no big deal to have an UX piece of ordinance and some probably did injure people, because they were TOO nonchalant about it.

      We had a kid that found one in a shed a few years back and it blew-he lost his hand and an eye if I recall correctly.

      Just a few months ago, an old man had to go into a rest home and told his sons that he had a "hand grenade" in the attic of his garage. What they found was a WWII Russian land mine! [Eek!]

      Kudos for the 18th EOD from Bragg!
      People have more fun than anybody.


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        Originally posted by Jim Burnes:
        Why do people have such a harsh reaction to the presense of a hand-grenade?

        Jim Burne

        heehee... maybe because Winnipeg, Manitoba is in Canada?


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          The thing to do is to unscrew it and pour the powder out. If it was soild, they could have undscrewed the striker mechanism off of the body.

          No big deal. Anyone that was ever a jarhead or a soldier should have known to do that...in the pre-Clinton era anyway.... [Eek!]
          "The American People will never knowingly adopt Socialism. Under the name of "liberalism" they will adopt every segment of the socialist program,until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened."

          Norman Thomas


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            People just don't know how to have fun, He shouldn't have said what it was, just handed it to him with the pin out and said "Sorry, I lost the pin a while ago, just keep holding it." [Eek!]
            It's not as funny if someone gets hurt, so it should be disarmed first.

            I can't see what all the fuss over an active grenade is all about, It makes a fine collectors item, And is also good for fishing. I would have kept it as a decoration, in my living room.
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              I can't see what all the fuss over an active grenade is all about, It makes a fine collectors item, And is also good for fishing. I would have kept it as a decoration, in my living room.

              Oh my yes..
              and an excellent paper weight, recipe holder or paint it gold to look like a small pineapple!  -
              Royce is a Lady


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                A few years ago, 2 female officers were called to a suspicious device which was in fact a home made bomb of some sort. They pick it up, put it in the boot (trunk) unsecured, drive back to the station and put it into the bomb bin, ( 4 truck tyres with an outer rubber wall half filled with sand). They then tell the senior officer who nearly has a heart attack. The station is evacuated, expo is called and a `controlled` explosion is ordered as the device is too unstable to remove. Remember it had been rolling about in the back of a car. So the bomb goes bang and the entire back yard of the station is covered in sand. [Eek!] Guess what duty the 2 officers had for the next 4 hours
                BROOM PLEASE.....
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                  A few years ago, we had a "suspicious package" call at the County Courthouse. There was an unattended and unmarked box sitting on top of a covered metal trashcan on the sidewalk.

                  Our Bomb Tech eases up to it, and there are no marking visible on the outside of the box. He loops a rope around it, after determining that there's not a mechanical timer in it.

                  He backs off the length of the rope (about 75 feet), plants his feet and tugs on the rope.


                  So, he plants his feet and YANKS the rope, hard.

                  Over tips the entire trashcan [Eek!] [Eek!]

                  Turned out it was a box full of business card sized magnets that a delivery person left sitting on the trashcan by mistake when he took in the other packages.
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