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Man gets probation in officer DWI death


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  • Man gets probation in officer DWI death

    Last year a drunk driver struck and killed a San Antonio police officer who was outside his patrol car assisting a motorist. Today a Bexar county jury recommended a sentence of 10 years probation.
    DWI in general is a sick joke here. Class B misdemeanor first offense. The paperwork and hoop jumping involved are terrible. I wish the state would get serious about it.
    This was a case of intoxication manslaughter. Probation. Pathetic.

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    The jury recommended it, but it's up to the Judge, right??? Please tell me that is the case here...
    Do you have an address that we can write to in order to protest this sentence?


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      Make sure you pass on the info to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. They lobby for prosecutors, judges, and laws which are tougher on DUI's.
      If you see me running try to keep up!


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        Since the initial judgement was broadcast last night there has been a storm of protest. I will keep you posted on what happens. BTW...I was wrong, the officer was off duty (on his way to or from work)and in his POV. The fact remains that a man died as a result of an idiot driving drunk.


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          Since when is being drunk an excuse for killing someone? Probation is much too good for him.


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            I decided to let MADD know my feelings about this. MADD replied to my letter and I will post it here.

            My name is Bette Berns and I am the Director of Victim Services for MADD here in San Antonio. I am very glad you posted on the officer.com message board. I was sent a copy of what you said by our MADD National Office and I was asked by them to respond. I am so glad that you cared enough to take the time to write!

            I was at the trial of Simon Cordova and I did not miss a word of it. I was asked by the victim's family to be a support and informational guide throughout this emotional and Criminal Justice process. I was so upset with what the jury did. The Judge was disappointed also. I watched his face when he opened the paper with the verdict on it. I saw his mouth open and his jaw fall. The District Attorney tried an excellent case and the Defense Attorney was about average. I have been with MADD for almost 17 years and I have seen hundreds of trials. I never expected probation. San Antonio should be very embarrassed by what that jury did. I am appalled.

            You mentioned the case with the police officer who was outside his patrol car assisting a motorist and was hit. That is only one of the three police officer death cases that I have on my case load. My frustration matches yours. Law enforcement professionals put their life on the line every day. In San Antonio, it seems that they also have a big red and white target painted on their backs and a sign that says, "Drunk drivers aim here!" It breaks my heart when anyone is killed by a drunk driver, but to see three Law Enforcement DEATHS in one year is beyond belief. Additionally, two other officers were hit and sustained injuries at the hands of other drunk drivers. SAPD is 41 deaths ahead of last year and we have not even hit Christmas or New Years. I do not have figures from the Sheriff's office but our total deaths this year should be huge. Media, victims, and friends have all asked me why. I can't tie this huge increase of death to a specific holiday, a community event, or a sports event. It is just happening. I can only pray that law enforcement officers are spared the horror of drunk driving crashes in the future and pledge to redouble my efforts to stop this tragic and preventable crime.

            I am always open to any suggestions. I would also like to put you on our mailing list. If you are comfortable sending me your full name, address and phone number, we can add you to our ever growing list of supporters, members and volunteers. Come and help us! We need you!

            I can be reached at this e-mail address or by phone at 210-308-6998. I will look forward to your reply.


            Bette Berns
            MADD Victim Advocate


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              What a nice letter that you received. It made me feel better to know that someone else is on our side.
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                Originally posted by Mack811:
                DWI in general is a sick joke here. Class B misdemeanor first offense.

                Unforutnately, Wisconsin has Texas beat in regards to OWI crimes. 1st offense OWI is a forfeiture here, not a crime. It's basically a $750 traffic ticket, with addition to a DL suspension. It does not reach felony stage here until 5th offense.
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                  10 months ago, a mother of seven was charged with DUI in the death of a motorcycler. Ironically, she had just been drinking with him at a bar. He was at a stop light and she hit him with her pick up. He laid in a coma for seven days befoe he died.
                  Her punishment was one year for every day he lingered in a coma.
                  It was a very emotional trial and she is, of course, completely leveled as his her family and the deceased mans family over his death.
                  It's so hard to understand WHY people can't understand thay having 2 drinks and driving is NOT acceptable. I remember reasoning with my son when he was a teenager. He thought if he had 2 beers and then waited 2 hours to drive, it wasn't in his system anymore. I told him I didn't know where he got his information. But I told him I did know he was rationalizing and I hope it wouldn't take a tragedy to wake him up.
                  Recently, a former friend of his was arrested for DUI. It didn't surprise me. It was the very kid I worried about when my son was in high school. He was a "leader" and my son was a "follower". By the time he was 17, he was a very sick young man with a criminal mind. He was so manipulative and my son didn't see it. We had to step in when we found out that, while our son was working, he would come and get my sons truck and whatever money he had and take my sons truck all day. We didn't know until we saw him in it one day. Our son continued to not listen to us until one day, this kid didn't return his truck. I was terrified it would be seized in a drug deal and my husband was SO in denial this could happen. He thought this kid was a good kid up until this. We eventually had to threaten to take our sons truck if we saw it was gone from the parking lot when he was working.
                  Took me a LONG time to break my son away from this kids influence.
                  It also broke up a 12 year friendship with his parents.


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