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  • Officer down...

    APD lost another Red Dog officer the other night, however it was not a result of this officer doing his job... This officer was shot in the face, in his own home, by his "mentally ill" brother. This officer who remain unnamed for the time being, had only been in the street level narcotics unit "Red Dog" for less than 3 weeks.

    Another sad day, as Red Dog and APD morn the loss of a second officer in less than 4 months.

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    Dam shame I will pray for the officers family as well as the Atlanta Police department .


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      Damn, damn, damn.
      "We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?"


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        Thoughts and prays go out.
        " (T)o preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.... " Richard Henry Lee, 1788


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          The full story...

          Authorities are piecing together why an Atlanta police officer was shot dead at his Stone Mountain apartment Sunday night, allegedly by his younger brother.

          By the time DeKalb County police arrived around 8 p.m., Atiim Willis, 33, was dead of a gunshot wound to the head.

          At the apartment, officers took into custody Willis' 19-year-old brother, Rahermani, a high school student who was staying with his brother, an officer with the Red Dog drug enforcement division of the Atlanta Police Department. The teenager has been charged with murder, police said. "We've arrested his brother, who gave himself up when officers arrived," said Detective Sgt. Tom Stewart.

          The motives are mystifying to DeKalb authorities, who spent Monday interviewing relatives about whether there had been a quarrel and collecting clues.

          Atiim Willis' friends and colleagues with the Atlanta police grieved over the loss of another Red Dog officer in less than three months. In March, a convicted felon shot and killed Red Dog Squad member Mark Cross, 31, in southwest Atlanta.

          The Willis brothers grew up in Chicago, and their mother, Sharon, said Monday that there was no sign of bitterness between them.

          "They were doing fine. They had no problems," the Chicago resident said. "This is difficult for me. I'm trying to deal with what happened."

          Police Lt. Doug Little, Atiim Willis' supervisor, said the elder brother was acting as a guardian, making sure the younger one attended school and did not stray after he came from Illinois to stay out of trouble. The elder brother drove him to school every morning, Little said.

          "He wanted his brother to work and do better in school," Little said.

          Atiim Willis came to Atlanta several years ago. His younger brother followed two years ago, the mother said.

          The elder sibling was a former Marine who spent eight years in the military before joinng the APD in 2001.

          "He was an excellent officer, very hardworking," Little said. "Policing was his whole life."


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            Prayers and condolences from Texas.


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