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  • November prediction

    I predict that come November, the democrats will be routed. Republicans will have a majority in the Senate and the House, and Bush will then get down to the business he was elected for.

    I think that the majority of people are tired of the democrats looking out for themselves at the expense of the country, and will express that at the polls. They are tired of the obfuscation tactics played by both sides, but more so by the dems.

    Example: The so called homeland security bill is held up over a problem with being able to fire workers. Bush, and company want to have a deal where people found to be incompetant can be fired soon. The dems, on the other hand are blocking this in a futile effort to get the labor unions, and it's vast membership, to vote for dems in a mindless attempt to garner so called job security. PLaying politics.

    Reminder: The war started over a year ago, why no agreement? Another thing: Pilots and guns. Would we really rather shoot down a jet rather than let pilots have the last resort? Apparently some think so. Ships Captains are armed, why not pilots, and why the delay? Politics, that's why.

    Two years into the Bush term, why are many of his judges still waiting for confirmation, when the bench needs judicial apointees? The dems are blocking it, that's why.

    And last but not least, who gives a sh*t what the UN thinks? We don't need UN approval for anything. The UN is comprised of countries that are jealous of us, and want to get their grimy little hands on power they feel we are usurping, but in reality, they don't have the experiance to deal with.

    So, in closing, this is my opinion, in short, why the POS dems, and those with the same big government, spend it all mindset, will lose.


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    In a way I hope the Dems get routed.

    At least that way when the country is even more ****ed up a year from now, people will see where the real problem lies, and certain blowhards will be forced to eat their words.

    Ah, lovely!


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      The idea that this country is f*cked up, only comes from those that are against American values. Those values are the same values that made this country THE beacon of the free world, and the same ones that let adolescent nay-sayers vomit up un-American bullsh*t.


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        Whatever Mike. Your rhetoric is stale and tired.


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          Originally posted by CiaJ:
          Whatever Mike. Your rhetoric is stale and tired.

          Translation: I can't refute it, so I'll BS.


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            Which is essentially all you ever do. "Waaah, those lefties hate America because they don't lick my boots, waaaah waaaah I hope you become a cop and got shot 'cuz you're an evil leftist waaaah."

            [ 10-01-2002, 10:16 PM: Message edited by: CiaJ ]


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              I hope the Republicans are able to take the Senate back and keep the House. I really hope that Gay Davis does not get re-elected. I'm not crazy about Simon but Davis and the Democrat legislature have brought the state from a surplus to near financial ruin.
              Bill R


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                I hope you are right Mike. If the Repubs take over the Senate and the House look for the stock market to climb big time. If not look for us to stay in the pits.


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                  Originally posted by MikeTx:
                  The idea that this country is f*cked up, only comes from those that are against American values. Those values are the same values that made this country THE beacon of the free world, and the same ones that let adolescent nay-sayers vomit up un-American bullsh*t.

                  I do think this country is F*cked up, but I love her all the same! I voted for republican by the way and I consider my self a conserative, but that's not important for this arguement, I mean discussion.

                  I love the fact we have free speech....but not all speech is worth hearing or saying.

                  I love that fact we can arm ourselves...but not when a crack whore has agun to rob a 7/11

                  I love the fact we have check and balance government, free elections, and a two party system....but not when the party i didn't vote for wins,lobbyist fund projects I'm against, and no matter how many tax checks I write to Uncle Sam the budget is never balanced.

                  I love that we have free enterprise...but hate the goverment when they take advantage of Enron and then blame them for being corrupt!

                  I glad God allowed me to be born in the land of the free. That I am able to do almost anything I want with out restraint. But I do not agree, I don't like the way things are going! AL whore sucks! Daschle head is so far up his ***! Clinton is a joke. And the very fact I live here and am a citizen I can say this and write this without fear of imprisonment or being banned [Wink]
                  Oh yeah Sadam and Osma sucks too!


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                    I love how the Republicans control the Executive branch, and half the Legislative branch, and people still cry that the Democrats are ****ing stuff up ... LOL ... like when Republicans controlled the entire Legislative branch and still blamed everything on Clinton ... LOL.


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                      It is more than just controlling the congress, It's the Dems philsophy altogether. They feel we are to stupid to spend our own money. Listen to them talk that is what they are saying with all their programs. Take our money spread it out of the country, and keep some for themselves! [Eek!] I earn my money I want to spend it the way i want, not the way "I have sex with fat chick" clinton. Who messed up the FBI and CIA and had a chance to stop Osma!
                      Never mind Al Whore who is so busy worrying about how every one else in the world "feels" about us he doesn't care what hjappens to us. OH-Yeah I want to thanks Al Whore for making the whole internet thing possible
                      Ted "I killed my girlfriend"Kennedy, that fat drunk cares more about programs then people,I know I live in his state!


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                        I am willing to bet serious money that if Crazy becomes a cop, he will be a card carrying Republican within 5 years.
                        In God we trust, all others are run MILES and NCIC.


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                          I'll take you up on that


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                            I frankly hate both parties. I don't think that the majority of either party members have an ounce of integrity or truly care about the good of the country. Its all about partisan politics and how to gain personal benefit from an elected position.

                            Having said that, I'm reminded of one of Robert Heinlein's characters asserting that politics is the greatest invention of the human race. Sure, there are a lot of self-serving actions, political compromises, and out and out dishonest acts. Nonetheless, it still beats the alternative where we would all be killing each other over petty disputes.


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                              Well, as a proud member of the College Republicans, I hope that we keep the House and take back the Senate!!

                              Here in GA I'm doing my part to see to it that Calder Clay get's elected to Congress in GA's 3rd Congressionl District, that Sonny Perdue can throw King Roy off the throne, and last but not least....THAT MAX CLELAND WILL BE UNSEATED AND THAT SAXBY CHAMBLISS WILL TAKE HIS PLACE!!!!!

                              Ah, it does my heart good just thinking about it.
                              Romans 13:1-5


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