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What is up with these post being deleted


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  • What is up with these post being deleted

    O.com I am just wondering why are some of these post been deleted. I can understand why "Is Bodie Leaving" and the other post about Bodie is deleted. But why did the one listed below get locked up. This is a normal poll here, and we would like a reasoning on your choice.


    Mod. please list what was wrong with this forum above. I looked through, and didn't see any bad post.

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    It is probably because I was being bitchy.


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      I think I remember seeing that the poll would close at a certain time. I also noticed that it had exactly 100 respondents, so maybe that is the max allowable on any poll. I guess when the poll closes so does the thread, 'cause I don't see anything out of line on it, IMHO. I've seen far worse on threads that have been running for months.

      Edit: OK, I just saw what you are referring to. Its a mystery to me, although they may be flexing their delete finger like the Bosses used to transfer people...just to mix things up a little...

      Guess I'm gone, now....bye...
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        If You had to ask

        If you really had to ask why those posts were deleted .......
        Try to figure it out since it appears that the next step will be to ban users.
        If that is not to happen the very nature of posts such as this one needs to stop. And others that were made after the deletion are an attempt to continue a trend that will not be tolerated further.


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          That particular thread got out of hand at the end with a few users being obnoxious. Our policy is to shut down any out of control thread, because usually even when users are removed and the posts related to them, it still goes on talking about that, rather than the original topic in most cases. Better to close it (rather than delete) and have folks start a new one on the right foot.
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