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I finished my second and very short "Oral Interview".


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  • I finished my second and very short "Oral Interview".

    Well, I finished my second "Oral interview" this week and it was completely different than the first. The first interview a couple of weeks ago consisted of a panel of 3 individuals, 1 officer, 1 Lt. and one civilian and about 1.2 hours of questions. That doesn't sound too different than what I have heard most folks say about they're "Oral Interviews". But the second one with a different department was...interesting. I went in and met the 3 indivdual panel members. 2 civilians and 1 Sgt. The Sgt. then told me that the interview would consist of 5 non trick questions and last no more than 15 minutes. I answered the questions which didn't seem different than some I have heard or read about, but I was a bit surprised by the brevity of the interview which accounts for 40% of the overall average score. Has any one else experienced this type of interview before? When I took the written test for the second department there were 75 people with last names from A-M in the morning and probably about that many in the afternoon for the N-Z group. So I am thinking it simply had to do with the amount of interiews they had scheduled. Well, either way that part is done and I now wait to see if I even passed that section and made it on the "Civil Servant" list. Thanks folks.
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    My experiances

    I've done many interviews over the past 1.5 years, in Oregon and one in Washington. They've gone from 15 minutes to over an hour. All of them were similar in that each agency asked the interviewee's a set number of questions - usually 10 to 15. THe acualy interview panel, like yours, has been a mix of officers and civilian employees of either the agency or the city. In once case there were two officers of the dept. I applied for, 1 state patrolman, the mayor and a few local attorneys.
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      That brings up an interesting question. Prior on the boards....we've all seen the classic question..."You catch the mayor/police chief/other DUI...what do you do?"

      Now...is the answer DIFFERENT for civilian interviewers as opposed to LE interviewers?

      SHOULD having a mixed board change your answer?

      (I am interviewing early next week....interesting topic )
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