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Sometimes the bad guys walk into your hands...


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  • Valor55
    How about stories for "catching" easy bad guys?

    I helped a disabled motorist and his passenger get their car off the road into a safe spot. They didn't want a tow and since we weren't within walking distance of civilization I offered a ride to the nearest gas station and telephone. They readily accepted and I told the driver I have to search him before putting him in my cruiser. He consented and I found the large crack pipe stem in his pocket. Easiest dope bust ever for me. I asked his passenger if he still wanted a ride and his reply was "Uhhhh no, I think I'll walk." He was the smart one.

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  • KCadet
    started a topic Sometimes the bad guys walk into your hands...

    Sometimes the bad guys walk into your hands...

    2 Charged in Bid to Steal From Cop

    CHICAGO (AP) _ It was hard to say if the cops or the robbers were more shocked when two men tried to burglarize a minivan that was occupied by a police officer on an undercover surveillance.

    "They were really surprised to see each other," said Robert Byrd, police chief for the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District, which operates the South Shore Railroad.

    The incident happened last week in a commuter parking lot for the railroad. Transit police were watching the lot after commuters reported having stereos, cash, cell phones and CDs stolen from their cars.

    The officer watched as the men got out of their car, looked in the windows of parked cars and pulled on door handles.

    "The officer inside the minivan stayed really still, so they couldn't see his silhouette moving," Byrd said.

    When the pair opened the van's sliding side door, Officer Jessie Watts Jr. jumped out with his gun drawn and told them to get down. Police said they later found stolen stereo equipment and burglary tools in the men's car.

    Robinson Morales, 25, and Fiore Petrassi, 20, were charged with theft, attempted theft and criminal trespass.

    "We've been successful in setting up surveillance and arresting people for car theft," Byrd said. "But I don't think we have ever had them come into our car."

    from associated press. www.fredericksburg.com

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