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    So I'm going for the second cup of java this morning and I hear this strange sound coming from the wall.

    At first I think water leak? No, sounds different,
    scratching, clawing, chewing MMIIIIIICCE in my wall! OMG! I beat on the wall, it doesn't stop it's chewing, it's on a mission, IT wants inside my house.

    The scary thing is where it's chewing is where all the fuse boxes are located.

    Hey this is an old house, very old, I'm suprised it has electric at all. And now this invader is trying to eat it's way through the wall via the fuse boxes.

    How do I get the mouse/mice out of my walls? Don't need a fire here, heck I just bought the place, don't want to lose it to fire.
    Criminals prefer unarmed victims.

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    easy, jules, easy.....stuff a cat down the wall


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      I hear mice in my walls, I live in an old house too. One morning when I was getting Belle, (my dog) her food there was one trying to get into the bag. I FREAKED!!!!!

      I'm so glad I'm moving in December.


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        Are you sure that they are mice. Have you seen the movie "Eight legged freaks"?
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          hehe- Once I lived in a house that was owned by a really nasty @$$hole landlord. Right before we were about to move out, we heard what we thought were mice in the walls. One trip to the basement though, and we quickly learned they were big fat nasty rats. [Eek!] So we put a little bit of bait out so one or two died, but then puts lots of food around.

          Then we moved out. Left a bunch of rat corpses, and even more rats for our dear old landlord. Served him right.
          Don't take life too seriously- you'll never come out of it alive.


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            Give me a mouse over a roach anyay. I HATE ROACHES! I saw a huge one crawl under my computer desk last night. Since insecticide makes my male yorkie really sick, here is my poor son trying to find this raoch. We didn't find him til this chair rolled over him. I HATE ROACHES!

            [ 09-30-2002, 03:55 PM: Message edited by: Mitzi ]


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              They won't stay within the walls. Put out some little open boxes of D-con in out of the way places (especially if you have children or pets around). They'll find 'em & that will be that. An ol' country remedy is to throw moth balls under your house (again, be careful if you have pets). Works for fleas too. It doesn't kill 'em but they can't stand the smell.


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                I just had the same problem! I hired an outfit that put traps in the areas with a poison that first made the mice thirsty so they would go outside for water. Once outside they died very quick. Hence, no more mice in the walls, and my house is 6 years old.


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                  Heh, well, if it reaches an electric wire, at least you'll have the problem take care of itself...
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                  -Mark Twain


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                    I just got back in from work and am catching up on this. I do have a cat and he was trying his best to climb the wall this morning. I think he's too big to slip into the wall, though.

                    I hate the idea of using any poisons because of the cat and I also have a small dog.

                    The moth ball idea will probably be the best, I have tried that before, but I am still afraid of the wire thing and a fire. Oh Well, at least if the place burns it is insured.

                    Hey I had a landlord once that made me want to leave dead fish under the house! BUT I didn't,
                    just got out as fast as I could and left him empty handed on the last months rent. I gave him the state attorney's phone number and told him to make the call. He never did.

                    Thanks all for the replies, hey that old mouse gets in the house Mr. T (the cat) will just have a snack!
                    Criminals prefer unarmed victims.


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