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  • FINALLY!!!!

    There is a God....

    I got a job today! It's per diem with a possibility of full time but's something and I got a foot in the door. I will be an assitant helping the elderly in an assisted living facility. Tidying up their apartments, getting them up and ready (no personal care, just helping to pick out clothing, etc.). I answer call buttons if they need help anywhere in the building. They can pretty much fend for themselves, but I'm there to help them make choices for meals, etc. Meals are NOT served on trays like nursing homes. I will be a waitress to them in this cute little dining room made up with linens and china. How cute!!! Administer medications, take blood pressures, just be aware of changes in their behaivor/routines, drive them in the van to their appointments. Here's the kicker....I was given 10 hours a week to do some art/painting with them!!! Is that up my alley or what?!

    I hope this goes to full-time at some point. Apparently one lady is going to be going to nursing school and might leave.

    So anyway, I'm excited. 12 hour shifts, starting at 6 am but it's SOMETHING. I will be helping people and making a difference!
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    cool babies.
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      Right on...Tpr -- I just quit my dead-end job and got a job very similar to yours working in a retirement home. I have a lot more opportunities at this new place; room for advancement etc. I am really looking forward to starting next week. They were able to get a full time position for me. Btw, what is per-diem pay? I have heard of that but I'm not sure what it is.

      Congratulations -- this is very rewarding work.
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        Per diem is just a term for "as needed" I believe. The pay isn't any different. It will put some extra money in our bank account with no real "strings attached". They call. I say whether or not I can work. I also have a friend who is looking for me to babysit on Fridays in February for $100 a day. You bet if they call me on a Friday I'll decline ! Hubby said he'd even do it if I couldn't. We can't pass up $400 a month for 4 days work.

        The only downfall is that I have to find some childcare between 4 and 7 pm for the kids. It's well worth it if I'll be working a full day. Beats sitting at home making nothing! I won't be called everyday, so it will only be occasionally. I contacted my local agency (SRS?) so that I can tell them my situation and they can find an "on call" reliable sitter who is state certified and has been checked out. They give me a choice of 4 (hopefully they can find 4) and I tell them who I want. I can't afford to keep a babysitter here every day if I don't need one. Besides, that would add up fast!$$$$$$

        Oh and...I forgot to say how I found this job. On the INTERNET in our local Job bank. It was actually an ad for the place next door, but it just so happens my boss was going to place an ad soon for help and I got the job before anyone knew about it. Is that wierd or what?

        [ 01-15-2003, 07:47 PM: Message edited by: Tprspouse ]
        "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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          Congrats on the new job Tpr Hope it works out well for you
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