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OMG - domestic dummie


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  • OMG - domestic dummie

    Ok so I nearly had to slap the victim to get her to wake up and smell the coffee. Here's the story...

    According to Jane:
    -She confessed to John that she had a one night affair with unknown male 7 months ago.

    -John gets mad and during the heated argument pulls out a handgun and puts a round into the roof of the vehicle they were in.

    -Jane leaves area but then decides to come back several hours later when John had a chance to calm down.

    -John at this point has had time to consume another dozen beer or so. Jane knows this is a regular occurrence with John but still wants to talk.

    -Jane wakes up John and tries to talk about the future of their relationship.

    -John puts a round into the ceiling, then points gun at Jane. Tells her she won't take the house or get child support and that she is kicked out.

    -Jane says well I can bring the police. (hmm. real smart)

    -John pulls trigger, John bad aim, Jane lucky, Jane leaves house in a hurry.

    -Jane later returns to the residence and sneaks in through a window to retrieve some personal belongings. (another smart move)

    -Jane finally reports incident to the police at the urging of family members.

    -Jane tells police this is not a serious incident and doesn't know why police are creating such a fuss over it.


    Disclaimer: To adhere to privacy laws and to protect the identity of all involved different names were used. If this post seems condescending, degrading, lacks empathy or is unsympathetic to the parties involved it is because you feel the same way.

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    I'd hate to see her version of a SERIOUS incident.

    As my 11 year old would say "ppl r stoopid."
    STFU! Another great suggestion from the same mind that brought you "Kiss my butt" and "Leave me alone"

    Why not?


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      The best part is, Jane will more than likely go back to John.


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        Why do DV victims always ANNOUNCE they are going to call the police. When, EVER, has the perp gone "Oh, your calling the Police? In that case, I'll start behaving right now."

        WHY? WHY GOD WHY?
        You have no right to not be offended.-Neal Boortz


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          Please keep John and Jane in your Div... they are not allowed to cross the rockies!!!


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            And why, oh why, do they ALWAYS insist on going back to the house to retrieve their "personal belongings" after being nearly killed or insisting that "he will kill me if I go back"

            I ALWAYS look at them and ask "which one of your personal belongings is worth him killing you because I am not going with you?" The initial answer is usually "well, none" and then we have the whole conversation over again because they just don't get it.

            Job security boys and girls.


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              Originally posted by Stonie
              The best part is, Jane will more than likely go back to John.
              Stonie is right and I am appalled that the rest of you people do not understand how two people can be so deeply in love. They'll work through this.



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                Sounds like Jane got off lightly and JOhn was very restrained. I woulda kicked her ***.


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                  Which trailer park are they from?
                  Retired 02/01/13


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                    Originally posted by bigcop97
                    Which trailer park are they from?
                    LMAO! my thoughts exactly.


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                      I'll tell you a story. Jane and John have a rocky relationship. John drinks, is a mental case, and likes to argue. On this particularly fine day, John has been drinking, and picks a fight with Jane over what she describes as trivial issues. She points out John's issues, that he needs to change, or the relationship will end.

                      Jane leaves for the evening, and John stews on it (as well as hammers the drink). Jane gets home, and John wants to talk. They sit down and talk. At one point John gets up, goes to the kitchen, and comes back with a pistol. While looking at Jane, he pulls the trigger and splatters himself.

                      While talking with Jane I learn this is not first time he has put a gun to his head. During other arguements, he has waved it around, pointed at himself, in what Jane thought was an attempt to make her scared for him.

                      I think Jane is lucky to be alive.
                      "I only had a couple!"


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                        I'll bet the trailer does not have a skirt, and may still be on wheels.


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                          Originally posted by Centurion44
                          Why do DV victims always ANNOUNCE they are going to call the police. When, EVER, has the perp gone "Oh, your calling the Police? In that case, I'll start behaving right now."
                          And none of them have ever reached for the rope, duct tape, shovel, and Quick-Lime...


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