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    I was wondering.....what are some opinions on the Sheriff's Office vs. Police Department politics.....does anyone think that the politics at the S.O. are worse (as in more drama) then the P.D. seeing as how the Sheriff is an elected official, and the S.O. runs the courts, the jails, etc.....seems to me that there is an unGodly amount of politics involved with working for the county....but I've not worked for a city P.D. (yet) so really have nothing to compare to.......opinions?
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    In our area, it's just the opposite. The Sheriff is the boss, and that's that. The city P.D. is in constant turmoil due to their rank structure. The city gets more "stuff" but the county gets more respect.
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      I have good insight in this as I am a municipal police officer and reserve at the S.O. Their is as more politics in municipal dept. than there is at the S.O. and the reason for that is the police chief has a civilian town manager that he takes orders from and town selectmen that like to voice there minds.Now you have to keep in mind the chief has to keep these people happy because they determine his budget.The sheriff is an elected official but he has prior leo knowledge.So I feel that its easier to work for an S.O than a municipal dept because the sherrif determines his dept. outcome.


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        My experience is that it is much easier to lose your job if you work for a Sheriff Office. The Sheriff can get rid of you if he wants to do.

        If your position is above Sergeant it is real easy to lose your job.

        If you are an Officer with the police department it is much harder to lose your job.

        There is just as much if not more politics with an SO

        The nice thing about a Sheriff department is the Sheriff can make changes much faster than a police chief. I am talking about if a department neeeds new equipment or makes policy changes.


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          It really depends on what area of the country, and if the agency, either PD or SO is civil service. In my department, the Sheriff cannot arbitrarily dismiss anyone without due process, which includes an appeal process.

          All PD's and SO's are not the same.


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