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    Ok .... 150 to 200 gallons a pop

    $2.25 to $2.60 a gallon

    Three to four times a week

    Who needs health insurance or a retirement plan anyway
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      An Imperial gallon is about 20% larger than an American gallon.



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        Thank god for the take-home car.
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          There's nothing that will get people bitching like gas prices.

          But I guess we do have to keep in perspective, as another poster pointed out, that if we account for inflation, gas prices are very low.

          Lowest I remember was $0.89 a gallon. I remember people starting to bitch when it was $1.40. Hahaha, right now we'd give an arm and a leg to get the prices back to $1.40.

          And yeah, WTF, where's all my Iraqi oil?!
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            Originally posted by lawdog1971
            Thank god for the take-home car.
            no kidding, i miss that part of it,,we not only had take homes, but we could drive them off duty as well,,,(milk, snuff, clothes) whatever, as long as it was in the city limits. it took me about 6 months or more to put 3000 miles on my truck.


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              When I was a kid I remember pumping gas at my Grandfather's Gulf gas station and I swear the price was around .34 - .37 gal.

              Can anyone tell me why gas stayed at that price for years, where today it is changing a couple of times a day? Is it simply OPEC?
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                gas prices

                it was about 3.15 here for a while (California) but has settled a little bit, now its more around the 2.75 area...


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