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This guy hates cops


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  • This guy hates cops

    I don't know if what I am doing is wrong or innapropriate or what.
    Let me preface with this , I have nothing but respect for cops. Putting your a** on the line for us , many of whom are ungrateful , for a whole lot of crap and little pay.
    I have had my fill with this punk *** kid form
    [URL=edited out his screen name is ChuckieD he keeps sayin cops are pigs. The next one he meets is gonna be sorry.
    Ya see he got pulled over for going a sick speed in a 45 or some thing like that. So he is payin some high dollar attorney to bust this cops balls for doing his job. Chuckie D says " I would love to meet this cop off duty " Look under the section " Every thing under the sun " then click on the thread " What to do if you get a speeding ticket " ChuckieD doens not start shooting off his mouth till a bit later in the thread , but he sure does.
    He is from some where in New York if ya wanna keep an eye out for him. The guy is a compleate jerk and unfortunately is gonna get hims self into a lot of trouble with that sort of attitude.

    Thanks for taking care of us !

    [ 09-29-2002, 12:04 AM: Message edited by: RaychelR ]

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    Trolling, Trolling, Trolling....

    You must have a pathetic life.
    In valor there is hope - Tacitus


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      Wow there's a forum for everything! I wonder if trolls have their on forum? I visted The Simpsons he other night [Eek!] YEAH! teens and drunks, but the show's cool


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        I guess I am a troll hunh ?


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          You know what they say.. opinions are like sphincters, and everyone has one.

          We'd rather not bring this element into our forum. We have our fair share of trolls enough. Please refrain from starting trouble in the forum.

          Thank you.
          No partner is worth your tears -
          the one that is won't make you cry. - Anonymous

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