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Ten Fatal Errors That Have Killed Experienced Police Officers


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  • Ten Fatal Errors That Have Killed Experienced Police Officers

    This belongs under the Squad Room...but since I can't post there I'll post it here. Read it and Stay Safe!!!!!

    Ten Fatal Errors That Have Killed Experienced Police Officers

    1. YOUR ATTITUDE If you fail to keep your mind on the job while on patrol or you carry problems from home into the field, you will start to make errors. It can cost you or other fellow officers their lives. Are you wearing your bullet resistant armor? It could save your life.

    2. TOMBSTONE COURAGE No one doubts that you are courageous. But in any situation where time allows wait for the backup. There are few instances where alone, unaided you should try and make a dangerous apprehension.

    3. NOT ENOUGH REST To do your job you must be alert. Being sleepy or asleep on the job is not only against regulations but you endanger yourself, the community and all your fellow officers.

    4. TAKING A BAD POSITION Never let anyone you are questioning or about to stop get in a better position than you and your vehicle. There is no such thing as a routine call or stop. They are all "unknown risk" calls or stops.

    5. DANGER SIGNS As a officer you will get to recognize danger signs. Movements, strange cars, warnings that should alert you to watch your step and approach with caution. Know your beat, your community and watch for what is out of place.

    6. FAILURE TO WATCH HANDS OF A SUSPECT Is he or she reaching for a weapon or getting ready to strike you? Where else can a potential killer strike but from his or her hands?

    7. RELAXING TOO SOON The rut of false alarms that are accidentally set off. Walking in and asking if the place is being held up. Observe the activity. Never take any call as routine, or just another false alarm. Its your life on the line.

    8. IMPROPER USE OR NO HANDCUFFS Once you have made an arrest handcuff the prisoner and do it properly. See that the hands that can kill are safely cuffed.

    9. NO SEARCH OR POOR SEARCH There are so many places to hide weapons that your failure to search is a crime against fellow officers. Many criminals carry several weapons and are able and prepared to use them against you.

    10. DIRTY OR INOPERATIVE WEAPON Is your firearm clean? Will it fire? How about the ammo? When did you last fire so that you can hit a target in combat conditions? What's the sense of carrying any firearm that may not work?

    [ 12-07-2002, 01:56 PM: Message edited by: Piper ]

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    This belongs under the Squad Room...

    Actually Piper...

    It is posted IN our "Squad Room"...

    Its right by the door, you see it everytime you go out.
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      Shouldn't you also share who wrote that?


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        I'd like to, but since the person who sent it to me didn't give me the name of who wrote it...

        (and no they don't know either)


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          Well, I recall seeing it in the Street Survival coursework. Kinda surprises me that it is just circulating around...


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            Oh well, suprises can be a good thing.


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              You are correct, Piper!
              It is a very good list & it is a perfect time of year to remind everyone.
              How goes the ridges????
              Do you get migraines from that after a while?


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                It goes pretty well. Last night my Sgt had me block and class prints for eight hours. (Eyes are a bit tired today.) [Wink]

                At least it's sinking in!


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                  I think I'm gonna send you a truckload of those ThermaCare heat pads! I guess it is like anything, you have to develop a new set of muscles when you start a new task. I've noticed that in my ice hockey and I remember the agony I was in when I first started on the job...I had no idea that the gunbelt would cause so much pain!


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                    It was originally written by Pierce Brooks, retired LAPD. He is the one who pretty started the officer safety movement, after the Onion Field murder. He wrote a book, "Officer Down, Code Three", on officer safety. Very good, but long since out of print. That is where I first saw the ten rules.
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                      Thanks ateamer! Being a writer myself, it's kind of a peeve of mine to make sure that credit is given where due.
                      Piper, I also apologize if that seemed like an attack. I certainly did not mean it to be and when I re-read my post I realized that I came off sounding like a witch. That was not my intention.


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                        No worries gal, so'k. And thanks ateamer for giving the credit where credit is due.

                        I think I'm gonna send it to all the po po I know.


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                          "Officer Down, Code Three" was very big in the 70's & there was a training video made from it. I loaned my book to another officer & never got it back. It was well written & had some good war stories to emphasize each point.


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                            Piper hi m8

                            Thanks for those 10 fundamentals, excellent principles to work by, I have never seen them

                            I am a Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police (LONDON) and work quite often as a CUSTODY OFFICER
                            it is part of a custody officer's duty to "investigate" WHY a suspect was handcuffed (your number 8 on the list)

                            MET POLICE POLICY does not allow for the arbitrary handcuffing of suspects

                            According to MET POLICE POLICY suspects will only be handcuffed IF
                            a) they are violent
                            b) they are potentially violent or
                            c) they are likely to escape
                            Now when an officer gives one of these REASONS, he must then provide the grounds to SUPPORT that reason

                            EXAMPLE :
                            a few weeks back I was Custody Officer when a detective brought in a handcufed suspect for drugs possession
                            I asked why the suspect was handcuffed
                            the detective replied that the suspect had not yet been searched and that he was being transported in a plain car

                            I reminded him that this was not MET POLICE POLICY
                            he then chose to go "PUBLIC" with his "CASE" on the station's computers
                            he wrote out why he had handcuffed the suspect and asked for Officer Safety Trainers to support him
                            of course, they couldn't because they know policy inside out
                            he then approached me to "admit" that he was wrong, when he got "no support"
                            I gain no enjoyment from this
                            I can see his position

                            but I'm not making this stuff up as I'm going along [Eek!]
                            this is what we're supposed to abide by and I'm a supervisor supposed to be SUPERVISING officers coming into Custody Suites
                            many officers feel, as shown in your rule 8, that ALL suspects should be handcuffed but the MET POLICE seem to be away off that position as yet [Wink]
                            from your old mate
                            c h i e f y
                            global chiefy to yer seadog seafarin' maties


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                              Why don't we take this to the extreme and say ALL people, everywhere, all the time should be handcuffed for no reason at all...
                              (No offence intended against any 'people' who may read this...)
                              All of god's creatures are entitled to live without fear of "gun violence" except for you and your family. - <a href="" target="_blank">Source</a>


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