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Netscape vs Explorer


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  • Netscape vs Explorer

    Which browser do you prefer? I like IE but have had so many problems with it lately, that every time I open it up, with in 2 minutes I get an error. I've tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it but nothing seems to work.

    I tried the new Smart Explorer (trial basis), and thought that was ok, but I have probs with that also.

    I am now using Netscape and have had zero probs at all. Although I still like IE better, I'm slowly getting used to Netscape.

    Anyone else plagued with Explorer probs?

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    All the time. I think IE crashes three or four times a the very least. On the other hand, I know how it takes three times as long to do anything with Netscape.

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      I used to use Navigator but changed over to IE / Outlook Express years ago. I haven't had any problems with IE/OE. I manually run Microsoft's Windows Update at least once a week even though I have it set to perform this task automatically to make sure I have all the current updates.
      At work we use Navigator with Lotus Notes, talk about a PITA!!
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        My IE never crashes.. My comp is pretty stable too.

        From a designers standpoint, I prefer IE. Coding for IE is sooo much easier!

        I just prefer IE overall.. It supports more functions. I have Netscape but that is only to test my webpages in for compatibility.
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          I use IE at home and until recently used Netscape at work.

          I really prefer IE.

          We recently switched at work to IE as it does more.

          And NO, I hardly ever have a problem with it.
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            there's not near as much support for netscape as there is for IE.


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              You guys know 6.0 is the latest, right?

              Seems pretty stable for me, by PC stays on 24/7. Since I purchased a machine with WinXP and IE 6.0, I have yet to have a crash on the OS or IE.
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                I have used IE for around three years and have had few problems. I'm not sure the problems I have had were caused by IE.

                I use my computer for silly little hobbies. My 10-year old granddaughter uses it for games on Nickelodeon, American Girls and Liberty's Kids (whatever that is).


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                  Easy solution: Opera Web Browser

                  Beats both Netscape and IE by a mile in my book.

                  I never used IE for anything other than web browsing so using a different browser was easy to get used to.
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                    I left you a PM with some questions regarding the OWB. I didn't want to click the link here at work and figured I'd check it out when I get home, if I can still see sraight. After 13.5 hours here, and an hour to drive home, I just want my bed! But with all the probs I've had lately with IE, and as slow as Netscape is, any help would be appreciated.




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                      Opera is faster, easy to use, and much more stable. Opera will recover from a crash and display all the web sites you were looking at. It is flexible and easy to configure. It will import favorites, and you can configure buttons on the top task bar like IE.

                      There is a free version that runs banner ads and a pay version without the ads. Try the free version for a while and if you like it you can buy the verson without ads (I'm a cheapskate and can ignore the banners but I really like the software and may buy it to support them.)

                      It is just a straight-up web browser and isn't integrated like IE, but that's all I use it for.

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                      I intend to go in harm's way. -John Paul Jones


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                        I'm using Netscape 7.0- I've never had any problems with Netscape, and that's what I've been using since I first went online, so I guess that's why I've stuck with it- habit. But it works well, and I'm used to it. Most of what I like about it is just personal preference; I like how the toolbar is set up for Netscape better than IE, stuff like that.
                        I also tend to get really ticked when anything comes preloaded, or loads itself on to my computer which is why I have a big problem with MS and IE. JMO though.
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                          I used Nutscape when I first started, but haven't touched it for several years. I don't even remember what I didn't like about it, but there were a bunch of things. IE is just fine.
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                            I used to use Netscape until about 4 years agowhen I bought a computer with IE already installed and I started using it. I'm currently using IE 5.5 (haven't bothered to upgrade it yet) and don't have any problems with it.


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                              I think Opera may be something like Smart Exporler, which has a free trial download and purchase price is $20, as opposed to $37 (if I remember Opera's price correctly).

                              If you're interested in checking out SE, here's the link:



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