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  • Anti-Drug Programs

    I am in search of an Anti-Drug Program for my department to teach in elementary schools. If you know of one besides D.A.R.E. please let me know.
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    The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has an anti-drug program. I don't believe that they call it "DARE". Other than that, I don't know anything about it.


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      We used to do one with the school district called DYFIT. When the school district quit funding it, it went out the window.

      Our High School has a SADD Chapter. I think that they do some drug use prevention with it.

      We also have a " Drug Free " organization in town that does education in the schools and sponsors a couple of non aggressive drug smelling dogs for non enforcement use.

      In my opinion, drug programs are just about useless unless it gets the support of the childrens parents. Its hard to keep a kid drug free when they see mommy and daddy lighting or shooting up.

      I used to be on the board of a local drug free organization. The good work that they were able to do was with the grade schools and some with the intermediate school. After that, they were just spinning their wheels unless the parent became actively involved with the child.

      What I really hated was when we were supposed to wear a red ribbon during October to symbolize that we, the police, were drug free. I thought our uniform symbolized that.

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        Yeah your right.
        Thankyou for all your help. The only program i know is DARE but I don't want that one because it's constantly under attack.
        If you run, you go to jail tired.


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          LASD uses a program called "SANE".


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