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"Officer Down list" vs. "Officer Disabled List"


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  • "Officer Down list" vs. "Officer Disabled List"

    I have seen and can find the "Officer Down" listings for 2005 but are there any published records of Officers who are severly injured and have to go on permanent disability? We honor those who are killed in the line of duty but do we record those who are scarred for life in one way or another? I am curious to know how many LEO's we lose on a yearly basis to disability. Any one know? Thank you.
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      A very good question. As with the military everyone focuses on the KIA stats, while the WIA numbers are much much higher.


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        Seems like there are a lot of them from the NY area on disability that now live here in Fl. As for my dept as far as I know there has only been two officers that have ever retired on disability in the last 100+ years and it is a fair sized dept with about 200 sworn officers at a time. I am one of them and I retired in 1985 along with another guy who I advised to go with me. I'm still kicking even though I am becoming more of a RoboCop every year and the other guy finally died from his injuries about 10 years after he retired. He had a crushed hand and even though he had fingers and later his hand and later his arm cut off the nerves kept dying until he expired. Reason, bar fight with Bikers fm the Outlaws. Mine was high speed chase on a Motorcycle and I got hit by an old fart


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          The Officer Down Memorial Page used to list both deaths and serious injuries years ago, but they started listing just deaths awhile ago.
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