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The writings of a college student


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  • The writings of a college student

    Got this article off the Neal Boortz Nuze.
    It's a story from a student from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.
    Do you think he had just gotten a ticket?
    Written by John Rodman

    It is a sad fact that the police force of this country has for a long time been little more than a poorly disguised moneymaking operation for especially low levels of government.
    Now, by the term "police force" I mean not the investigators of acronymic persuasion (i.e. FBI, CIA, GBI), but the boys and girls in blue, patrolling neighborhood streets and interstates across the country in much the same way that the scavenger hyenas patrol the savannahs of Africa, searching for any free nibble they can wrap their dirty mouths around. "Protect and serve" may be their motto, but "steal from the poor and give to the rich" all-too-often proves through practice to be their mantra.

    It is my estimation that street cops and State Patrollers spend 80 percent of their time turning the blue lights on everyday citizens for the silliest of reasons. As for the other 20 percent, five of it is filled by sharing jokes amongst themselves at their victims' expense, 10 is consumed by their own infractions of the law, and only an optimistic five is spent actually apprehending true criminals. That may be good news for those who actually do threaten society, but it is an inexcusable drain on taxpaying citizens.

    Every day, patrol officers reveal their dedication to harassing good citizens by filling innumerable ticket books with outrageous fines for perfectly excusable human errors. Unskilled insecure bullies write parking tickets and fine far better people than themselves for obscure infractions. Anyone who questions the undeserved respect demanded by badge-wearing braggarts is abused like the sixteen-year-old black male from Inglewood.

    Even more disgusting is the obvious inability of our police force to bring to justice truly dangerous criminals, who, not unlike the very cops failing to catch them, plague society's decent, hardworking contributors with unwarranted deviant behavior. To use only the most obvious current example, 18 people and counting had to feel the bite of a sniper's bullet before an incompetent police force could apprehend two men begging to be caught.

    Granted, without a police force, less desirable aspects of the human spirit such as anarchy, chaos, and filth would overrun the world with unforgiving, non-apologetic selfishness.

    Unfortunately, our arrogant police force is already polluted with these demons of human frailty from the inside out in large enough percentage that the American public, from the bottom to the top, should be raising their voices in a unified chorus of "checks and balances." Law enforcement needs reformatting.

    Season police corruption with a dash of greed and a pinch of personal gain, and it becomes a monster brewing like a concoction of road-kill moonshine in a dry south Georgian county.

    If cops were half as handy at spotting dangerous criminals as they are at pointing out expired tags and writing tickets for parking citations, seat belt violations, and turn signal infractions, this country would be as safe and secure as an armed robber outrunning an overweight and out-of-shape patrolman.

    Police academies need to incorporate more courses on ethics, morals, and common sense. It is also amazing that the standards of physical fitness could be so low in a field that already requires very little mental capacity.

    The machine is broken and the system is not responding, because the public has a convenient memory, in which the pleasant out-lives the obscenity of injustice.

    We, Americans, lift our voices in hymns of praise and remembrance for the police force that did nothing more than its job on September 11, and we will be led in those same hymns for years to come by a civil service system that cares for little more than pleasantly decorating the foulness it has become with sweet, fluffy images so it can loot the public just a while longer.

    We love our heroes, and that is precisely why we happily forget or altogether over-look the badge-wearers that victimize the everyday American to suit their own personal prejudices, feed their egos, or ease their own rightfully lacking sense of self-worth. Anyone who has no real skills to offer society or no real love for their fellow humans can always become a cop, and, yet, they somehow think that they are above everyone else.

    They do not "protect and serve" us. We serve them as mathematical equations, statistics, and dollar amounts. They see us as nothing more than quotas to fill.

    Too many kids, picked on for too long, choose to become cops for the same reasons that so many sports cars are produced- to compensate. Badges are weapons they can use to lash back at all of those elementary school bullies from their past, opportunities to compensate for the little insecurities of a thumb-sucker.

    The American public may soon grow sick of paying for the compensation privileges of so many over-grown kids. These kids have hardly earned the public's respect in the treehouse-typical police academies where ignorance, disguised as the seeds of "truth and justice for all," is only further implanted in so many desperately misguided youth.
    "There's only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. And it comes with the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences." P.J. O'Rourke

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    Someone beat me to the punch and posted it before I did. See "I am ****ed!!!!!!"
    "There's only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. And it comes with the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences." P.J. O'Rourke


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      i'm always up for a good laugh.


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        I guess the times really have changed at ABAC (pronounced as "A-back").

        For those that don't know, the college that this guy attends is Abraham Baldwin (Agricultural) College located in Tfton, GA. At least "Agricultural" used to be in the name. It used to be a great little school full of rodea cowboys and the like. For years it was referred to as ABAC, and most people had very good impressions of the place. Recently, the bedwetters have gotten hold of it and have taken "Agricultre" out of the name, which has upset quite a few people.

        Time was, the student body at ABAC, or "ABC" (pronounced as "A,B,C" and sounds stupid as can be) as it is now refered to wouldn't have tolerated such. Oh well, we have free speech for a reason.

        By the way, ABAC houses one of GA's ten regional police academies.
        "Integrity is like virginity. Once it's lost, you can't get it back." --drunkhunter


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