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Some passengers on Flight 587 connected to the WTC


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  • Some passengers on Flight 587 connected to the WTC

    On September 11, 2001, when the terrorists struck the World Trade Center, Hilda Yolanda Mayor had the good fortune to escape from the ground floor restaurant where she worked in that complex. Her luck only lasted a further two months -- she was one of those aboard the doomed American Airlines Flight 587 that crashed in the New York borough of Queens on November 12, killing all aboard.

    Mayor, 26, was headed home to the Dominican Republic to vacation with her mother and her two children, who had traveled there from New York two weeks earlier. She perished along with 259 others on that flight. Up to a further nine on the ground also died in the accident.

    Another passenger on that ill-starred flight had missed being at the World Trade Center during the attack by only a day. Felix Sanchez, 29, had left his job as a Merrill Lynch broker at the trade center on September 10. Friends and family say his close brush with death in September had revitalized him, renewing his outlook on life. He was flying that fatal day to meet with clients for his new career as a financial adviser to Dominican baseball players.

    Yet another survivor of the war on terrorism perished when Flight 587 went down. Ruben Rodriguez, 32, had just returned from a 6.5-month deployment aboard the carrier Enterprise where he had refueled planes, night and day, working 12- to 18 hour shifts.

    Petty Officer (second class) Rodriguez had, along with the rest of Enterprise's crew, arrived safely back in the USA on November 10. Two days later, he boarded Flight 587 bound for Santo Domingo to be reunited with his wife and four children. What a war zone couldn't do, a nosediving airliner managed.

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    Our paper just ran a story of two best friends; one died on the 11th; the other in the more recent crash.


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      How incredibly sad. God really wanted them home with him. So much tragedy in the last few months.


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        One of my best friends lives in NYC. Her BF is NYPD. They took a small vacation to get some stress relief from 9/11. They went to the DR and left Sunday night (out of JFK.) I haven't heard from her since.

        Since 587 supposed had an overnight stay at JFK Sunday night, I can only assume she wasn't on the Monday morning flight (she probably caught the last flight of 587 before the dooomed flight.) Hopefully, I can't get a hold of her because she is still in the DR. I guess I'll know next week.

        UPDATE: Herad from my friend today. She is OK. Flew out to DR from JFK on 587 on Sunday. Just missed it.

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        Take Care and STAY SAFE!!!


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