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Police t-shirts...


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  • Police t-shirts...

    You guys gave me some good ideas for Police T-shirts.

    Here's what I came up with.

    Any other ideas?

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    Those are awsome!

    fyi, some of the pictures do not match the captions.
    A true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.

    -GK Chesterton


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      Originally posted by Contact
      Those are awsome!

      fyi, some of the pictures do not match the captions.

      thanks; I'll fix it.


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        How about!

        You need me! because I get rid of those bad guy's!

        Police(Putting offensive lunatics in confinement establishments!)

        Guns don't scare police,when they have five proffessional police snipers pointing their gun's at you!

        I need my Donuts and Coffee for the sugar and caffeine,to get through
        the bull%$&, I have to go through everyday!

        Police don't bite when they get mad, but their dog does, when they say: Go get him boy!

        If your speeding,I won't be stopping you for small donations anymore!

        The police want you! This is if you are a criminal!

        There should be a designated .......... Be nice to the police week!
        Because we deserve a break!

        Police don't like speeding, But they will put thier foot down, when they have to fight crime!

        Mr. Police to you! is my name and fighting crime is my game!
        ************************************************** *******
        I can go on but I will stop here.Say I will take a donation for my idea's!
        ************************************************** ********
        Here is a good one for the guys and gals, I know you will like this one!

        Sure! The police can do 90 miles an hour, in a few seconds with his fast police car ....But thats not as fun as writing a $650.00 ticket and then seeing you go to court and then seeing you cringe and say .....................Darn-it! How the hell am I going to pay that speeding ticket and lawyer bill?

        A police book about drug users: Dope is for dummies and there's no bale for jail!
        ************************************************** *
        So police like coffee and donuts! Whats your freaken excuse?

        We are the police! Please don't do anything which will make us say! Book him Den-o.

        It pleasures us,when we get to arrest jerks!

        When police have to drop their coffee and donuts, to go to a 10-15, It really makes us mad!

        A Police notification just for you!
        Our Boots are made for walking!
        Guns are what we use!
        One of these days our boots and guns will be hunting just for you!

        Have a good week! Smiles from me to you!
        Last edited by frank; 06-26-2005, 09:19 PM.


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            How about one with a big target on the back that says "Look at my shirt, I'm a cop, shoot me!"

            Just kidding.
            *Not a cop*


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              -I'm off duty but still want a discount-

              -I'm with my wife and kids, don't shoot me-

              -Aim here!- Above bullseye

              -POLICE! Stop shooting at me please-

              I'm sorry, I'm all for funny shirts, but the last thing I want to do Off-duty is advertise my career when I'm with my family and not on the look out..

              Otherwise, pretty funny shirts.


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                ok, how about "Yes, I am that @$$hole who wrote you a ticket for speeding through a school zone. Why do you ask?"

                STFU! Another great suggestion from the same mind that brought you "Kiss my butt" and "Leave me alone"

                Why not?


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                  How about a black T-shirt with white letters that reads: (front) POLICE (back) WE'LL KICK YOUR *** or... IF YOU RUN YOU'LL JUST GO TO JAIL TIRED

                  its not original but it should be made

                  or a dunkin' donuts Tshirt that reads (front) Dunkin' Donuts (back) Providing Cops the Energy to Kick *** Since 1950
                  Last edited by Explorer Dave; 06-26-2005, 09:18 PM.
                  EXPLORE HARDCORE


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                    Say Explorer Dave!
                    Those are good ones!
                    I am still laughing,especially on the second one!


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                      In a song I wrote( Repect the police and the law! )
                      I wrote this song when I took my Police Citizen Class.
                      The song has a verse, where two cops are having a restfull minut in a cafe drinking coffee and having a donut,then a man goes fling by in his truck passing everyone up and they have to drop everything to go after him.
                      I was trying to say in this song that their breaks are far and few because they are always called to duty, all the time.
                      That is true 100% of the time,by the way!
                      I surely do know that!


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                        I got a shirt that says something similar:

                        Front Left
                        Name of Town
                        Police Badge


                        Beer Police
                        You have the right to remain silent,
                        You have the right to watch me drink your beer.

                        You can change that a little by adding a donuts instead of beer.


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