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  • Infomercials

    This paid programming crap has got to be one of the most annoying inventions of the last few years. I just started counting and stopped at 40 of them available for me to watch right now. Even my beloved History Channel is running them for 1 hour a day.

    I HATE those fuggin things!

    Sorry, rant over.

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    The one I truly hate the most is Miss Cleo. I hate the accent, the bogus readings, the junk emails, and the ugly head wear. I truly wish someone would expose her for the fraud she really is. Recently Miss Cleo has flooded my inbox with a barrage of unsolicited emails, here's the email I sent in response.

    Miss Cleo,
    Stop emailing me because I hate you! You are nothing but a phony hepher. You are no better than the average street thug committing armed robbery, you con nieve people out of their money and you should burn in hell for the rest of eternity. I wish you nothing but evil will and hope you catch leperacy and spend the rest of your life in torment and pain.

    Have a horrible life,

    Now keep in mind that I am not really this hateful and I wouldnt wish leperacy on anyone, but after about 15 emails I just couldnt take it anymore and I snapped.
    And one last thing, after sending that email I have yet to recieve an email from Miss Cleo

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      Not only does Miss Cleo rip people off, she gives them wrong info about their lives. Most people know what a fake she is butt here are those that believe and they act upon what she tells them. I did hear that she is being sued tho.


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        The popularity of Miss Cleo and her like prove that circus promoter P.T. Barnum was correct: "There's a sucker born every minute."

        Folks seem to have already forgotten what happened the "Psychic Friends Network." For those who've already forgotten (and for the benefit of our international friends who are blessed to not know about them), PFN was an infomercial-promoted scheme in which you would call a number, and be connected to a so-called psychic who would tell you (at something like $5/minute) all about what's bothering you and how you can solve your problems. The scheme was promoted by singer Dionne Warwick.

        Well, this scheme, which supposedly knew everything about you and what's troubling you, apparently couldn't predict a problem of its own: BANKRUPTCY.


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          That's quite a good letter! I especially like: "I hate you...", "Burn in hell..", and "Have a horrible life..."
          [email protected] "Where there is love, there is no imposition"- Albert Einstien.


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            Originally posted by SpecOpsWarrior:

            And one last thing, after sending that email I have yet to recieve an email from Miss Cleo

            [ 08-12-2001: Message edited by: SpecOpsWarrior ]

            That's because she sends thought-waves at you, instead of e-mail.

            Jim Burnes


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              We've got a spiritualist camp nearby and several years one of the psychics was murdered. Check me if I'm wrong, but don't you think he could've seen what was going and maybe, if it inevetible, left the investigators a few clues? Or, I know, more realistically, he was full of s*** the whole time.


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                Didn't the Missouri Attorney General just file charges or a lawsuit against Miss Cleo? Geez, she should've seen that coming.

                We have a local car dealer who does annoying infomercials. He just sits at his desk and talks about how much his customers love him and how anyone gets financing, then reads "letters" from "customers".

                Personally, I want to see infomercials from outfits like Glock, H&K, Def-Tec, Summit Racing, Playboy Enterprises...
                Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. - Ronald Reagan

                I don't think It'll happen in the US because we don't trust our government. We are a country of skeptics, raised by skeptics, founded by skeptics. - Amaroq


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                  Agreed, here she's on at least 3 channels at once. One thing I noticed, her commercials promise such happiness, but have you ever seen her doing anything other than saying your lover is sleeping with the neighborhood goat? Sad people would spend money on it...

                  Originally posted by SpecOpsWarrior:
                  The one I truly hate the most is Miss Cleo. ]
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                    She's like a psychic/psychoanylyst/Oprah all rolled up in one.....and she does a lot of damage. People that call her or naive or maybe even desperate.
                    I read where one woman spent, on another psychic, $17,000. That's truly a crime to take advantage of people like that.


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                      If the murdered psychic had really been psychic he would still be alive. He would have known who was going to kill him and how to avoid that person.


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                        geeesh I always liked calling the 1-800 numbers letting ring a couple times and when someone answered I would say "Just checkin." and hang up. If they were real they would have known the phone was going to ring and would have picked up right before it did. Since it rang twice they are obvious frauds. Just my opinion.

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