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  • Asthma

    Are there any Officers out there, that have Asthma? I'm curious if that has been a problem with doing your job. Also if your agency has done anything to help you with it or have gave you a problem, because you have it?
    Zuko PlumItalic

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    I've had mild asthma since I was a child. Never had any problems with it at work. I take preventive medication which really helps and rarely use an inhaler. I do carry an inhaler at all times on and off duty just in case.


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      Yes, I have asthma. It can be a pain in the ***. It affects me most in the winter months, during the cold weather. It is almost always induced during strenuos actions, such as running down a bad guy or a tussle. I keep my inhaler in the front pocket of my uniform shirt, and another in my duty bag in the squad. It has never caused me any problems on the job, i've had it since I was a kid, and know how to handle and recognize the symptoms.

      As for my department, they have never bothered me about it.
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        Yes and no or I don't know.
        I was diagnosed as asthmatic at the age of 13 , suffered symptoms and used inhalers growing up. I was discharged from the Corps for it.
        About ten years ago I was having a real bad year and went to see a specialist. After six months of treatment I am symptom and medication free.
        I work out regularly and don't have a problem. Don't need and don't carry medication.
        So technically I'm an asthmatic, but I'm wondering if I was misdiagnosed or may it was cured.
        I don't know.
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          I've got asthma and I have had it completely under control for the last three years. I used to get it bad in the winter time. I used to have a hard time on the job (fire dept) & had to keep an inhaler in my bunker coat just in case. I've been on Singulair regularly for three years now and have zero problems. If you have a medical problem and you can prove it's under control, it should not hurt someones chances in police or fire. The way the physical tests are for both professions would weed out someone who didn't have their asthma under control anyway. I don't think an employer could deny you medical care if you needed it. Singulair is the way to go for me.
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