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    He can always us a section 8 defense.
    Last edited by 1sgkelly; 06-23-2005, 06:27 PM.

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      I just heard an interesting story about this guy from my neighbor who works in the Federal lockup downtown. He was fired from said facility, along with another guard, for leaving the "brain" to go outside for a fistfight over who got the keys or something like that...


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        Wow! Talk about a wannabe.

        See what happens? All you numbnuts who buy old Police package Crown Vics?
        It's a vicious cycle and you end up like this idiot.
        *Not a cop*


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          We handled a guy like that about 20 years ago. His car had a big State of California seal and was marked "California Community Police." He wore a police uniform and was armed. He even convinced the Los Angeles Times that he was a real police agency and got them to do a very nice article on him and his organization.

          When we questioned him it turned out he really believed he was a police officer working for an authorized police agency because the Secretary of State's office allowed him to register the California Community Police as a non-profit organization. We thought we had convinced him of his error until he walked into the Attorney General's office the next day and asked the AG to stop us from interfering with his police operation. No amount of talk would convince him otherwise so the matter was settled by arresting him.
          Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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            He should get the six years. And once he's in prison all the inmates should know why he's in jail.
            You have no right to not be offended.-Neal Boortz


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              I Hate! Impersonaters.

              If an Impersonator pulls me over he will have an unplesent suprise waiting for him.

              Jail time.

              I dont play Police Off duty but that would be one of the few times that i would.


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                And more...

                He's impersonated an officer at least twice, outside of his courtroom stunt, and the judge lowers his bail??? WTF???


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