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YEE HAW! I didn't get picked!


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  • YEE HAW! I didn't get picked!

    I was down for jury duty all day today. They were trying to seat jurors for a civil case of a man who was injured by a tractor trailer crash. I answered their questions truthfully. They asked me if I would have trouble giving a two million dollare settlement and I said I would. They asked me why and I said that I believed there should be a settlement cap because our insurance rates keep going higher and higher and pretty soon, none of us would be able to afford it. I also said that I didn't see why someone couldn't live very comfortable on one million dollars. I ALSO said I didn't see why a trucking company would have to suffer either higher insurance rates or maybe even folding the business on the basis of one driver having an accident.
    So, I didn't get picked, after 6 hours of sitting there. It was interesting but I sure am glad I don't have to be there a whole week like the ones who were picked do!

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    That happened to me a couple of months ago. Man was responsible for auto accident which injured child seriously. The jury was to decide, not guilt, but how much the girl's parents should be compensated for medical expenses, etc.

    Glad I got out of that one.


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