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  • You can't make this stuff up

    Here's a new one for the I thought I've seen everything file.

    I worked a wreck this afternoon involving a moped and a pickup truck. I arrive and as usual, am doing everything at chicken with it's head cut off speed to try to get the roadway clear. Moped driver is standing up and doing fine. Obvious road rash down his back, bicycle helmet still on his head. I identify the driver of the truck. "I need Driver's license, registration, proof of insurance." Turn to the moped driver. "Do you have a driver's license?"

    "No sir I don't (while opening wallet) but I do have an ID card." (removes ID card from wallet and puts it too me) Well sort of puts it out to me. He's off a few degrees. I then look at his face. No, he can't be. I wave my hand in front of his face. THE KID IS BLIND !!!!

    19 years old. Wants to go the store. Doesn't feel like walking that far. He figures, what the heck, why not hop on Dad's moped and use my foot against the curb as a guide.

    Scariest part of the story. He was on his way back home and only two blocks from the house

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    At least he will never go to his grave saying "Darn hope i get to drive before i die"
    "To each his own"


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      At least he has an excuse! The drivers around here are just as bad but they can see and hear and appear normal.

      Great story, DR.


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        Well at least when he said he did not see the truck you know he was not lying,LOL

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          And the night just kept getting weirder.

          "Control 3William34 I'm going to be in pursuit, Nv license ....... East bound on George place."

          "All units code red, 3W34 is in pursuit....3W12 and 3W1 be enroute."

          "Control, we're turning South onto Cadillac and now, east bound onto Paul.

          "Control, now we are turning back onto George Place we're heading in a circle."(George place is a short street that makes a 90 degree hook and runs N/S and E/W for one block in each direction)

          Repeat last two lines approximately 7 times with interjections from dispatch predicting which way they are going next and other units sitting on the side lines going, "There he comes, and yup, there he goes."

          He finally bailed out on George Street and, you guessed it, continued running East bound. I never did here the "Rest of the Story."


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            I can picture the crook now (in my best Curly voice): "Wooop wooop woop, Moe, Larry, woooop woooop!"

            And the cops in pursuit (cartoon character voice):"Which way did he go, George, which way did he go?"
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              We had a gentleman that lived in our neighborhood that wsa always so full of life at age 63. He walked 5 miles a day, played golf, went to Las Vegas on a regular basis. Then, his wife died. How he loved her and his health took a real nose dive. I think he actually died of a brokenheart.
              Before he died, his eye sight went. We were all getting concerned because it seemed to be getting so bad. If we tried to talk to him about it, he said, "I know my beaten path." Finally, several of us reported him to the DMV. We felt we had no choice. On the day we reported him, he had TWO accidents. He came home and my husband saw his car and went down to talk to him. He took his car keys and the poor man just bawled. My husband told him that everyone in the neighborhood would get him where he was going but he got so upset and sick, he just took to his bed and wouldn't eat.
              His daughter came down to get him and he died 2 days after he got to her house,. I believe it was a broken heart and loss of his independence. It was so sad.


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                I have seen cases like this once they have lost their true love they lose the will to live and basically will themselves to die so that they can be with their loved one sooner than staying here on this plane of existance.

                Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                  I'm sure that's what happened here. Clyde was so vibrant and loved life. His wife meant everything to him. We had hoped he'd go live near his daughter and her family but he wouldn't leave his house. He kept saying his wife was there. He kept getting more depressed, so much so that he was goin to neighbors homes and begging for attention. He got mad and said no one cared about him. I went down and talked to him and it really was pitiful. I left crying. His grief over his wife was just so sd. I guess when they were going to take his driving away from him, that was the final straw. He died within days of his daughter coming to get him.
                  He was SO angry about his driving but there was no other solution. His eyesight was almost completely gone and getting worse by the day.


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                    Hey WW,
                    Whatever happened with your dad? How did it turn out?


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