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Do you believe in ghosts?


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  • Do you believe in ghosts?

    i want to know. my mom recently told me that she saw a ghost in a house on the ranch they live on. she thought it was someone who had broken in, but after a search, no one was there. later, she learned that the previous owner committed suicide in that house.

    i've never seen a ghost, but i've answered a few calls where it came out as a burglary, victim gave a vivid description, but no way was anyone getting in these houses.

    where do they come from and when do i get to see one?

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    I have never seen one, but I believe in them. A few years ago we were renting the upstairs of an old house. The landlord lived in the lower. My wife was pregnant and got up several times a night to go potty. One night she saw a boy standing in the living room, he was reading a book. A few nights later she saw a man or a boy walking away from her in the living room.

    I asked the landlord about this. He said that he saw someone in his bedroom after he first moved in. He didn't think that anyone died in the house.
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      Yes. [Wink]
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        I've had a few 'experiences' over the years that lead to believe in 'something'......
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          I absolutely believe.

          In fact, I live in a haunted house. It is some 90 years old and was the first hospital in my town. It is said that the ghost of a doctor's wife lives here. My house is featured in the book entitled "The Ghosts of Saskatchewan"

          I haven't had any direct encounters though. I have seen things out of the corner of my eye. I've heard things being moved around in other parts of the house when my wife isn't home and my two cats are hanging out with me.

          You'll never know what fun it is inside my head!


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            No. in my opinion there is no such thing as a ghost, except in our imaginations.



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              I believe in them.

              I've experienced to many things to say otherwise.


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                Of course not.

                Silly, silly.
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                  "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                    I didn't til my 16 year old dog died. I can't tell you how many times, after she died, I got up at night because I felt her pawing the bed like she used to when she had to go out. I've never seen a ghost but I have felt her prescence.
                    Another spooky thing happened right after we got our male Yorkie.
                    I was often upset over my sons illness and would go lay in the living room on the couch, trying to get it together. Ineveitably, my 16 year mutt, Missy, now deseased, would sense my sadness and she would come over and lay her sweet face on the couch, looking at me mournfuly.
                    Right after my sons last surgery was unsucessful, I went into the living room, in tears and laid down on the couch. But I about jumped a mile when I opened my eyes and there was my Yorkie (he's a gigantic Yorkie), with his head resting near me looking at me mournfully.
                    And, sometimes,at night, I'll feel the "pawing" Missy used to do. And she's been gone 11 years.


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                      Yes, plus other things. I've seen things that, well, lets say made my skin crawl.


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                        I can't say that I personally believe in ghosts because I have never SEEN one before. I can say, however, that I believe that other people have SEEN them.

                        Although I haven't seen a ghost, I have made contact with my Nana and Papa. I believe that spirits will only contact you if they absolutely have reason to. I went through a rough time a few years ago when my stepdad's brother wasn't considering me a part of the family. To make a long story short, I had been in the family since my Mom married my stepdad when I was 7 years old. At age 29 he doesn't even invite me to his wedding. The family was wondering where the hell I was and he ended up having to explain himself to them. Wish I were a fly on the wall there! LOL It really got me depressed that he would think so little of me.

                        Then, I went to my Mom's house shortly after this happened because I was leaving for Florida and I was staying there one night to be closer to Logan airport. I was fooling around on their computer and I noticed that my wedding picture was shoved behind the monitor. It USED to be on the wall in the living room. I went out in the living room and saw that my stepdad's brother's wedding photo was there in place of mine. I was completely upset at that point and was crying. Apparently, they replaced mine with his because he was supposed to visit and they wanted him to know that they put his picture on the wall.

                        One morning last year I woke up crying and wanting to go back to my "dream". I shut my eyes, I was desperately trying to get back what I had just witnessed. This is what it was like and the message I received: I felt like I was being led around by a hand. But, it wasn't a hand. It was a presence. Two small balls of light that were a reddish pink. I was with my Nana and Papa. They didn't have bodies, but I knew it was them. Next thing I know, I'm surrounded by their warm light looking down on a scene. That scene was me, my stepdad and my uncle. We were looking at a family photo album. The album had pictures of all three of us in it. I feel I was being told to forget the petty things, that we were indeed a family and nobody can ever change that. I was changed that night because that was the last time I was ever angry at my uncle. Before they left, my Nana handed me a heart. I don't knwo what it was made of, but it was a heart. A symbol of love. Then they were gone.

                        That was NOT a dream. It was the most wierd but wonderful thing I have ever experienced. It's completely unexplainable and nobody will possibly understand unless you were there or it happens to you someday.

                        They will contact you. Have I seen them standing in the hallway or over my bed? No.
                        "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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                          I see dead people....wait no...That was just my roommate who needs a tan...

                          Ghosts? I personally do not believe in them. I do believe in demons/angels.


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                            hmm.. technically yes, I do.

                            And Godside, I heard my angel. Was freaky. NO IM NOT INSANE. o0o0o0o good new topic... "angel stories"
                            Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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                              I saw one & didn't know it. We were preparing for a special evening service at church last year & I was at the front of the church when I saw a woman walk into the church & sit down in one of the pews. I recognized her as a woman (Terry) who used to go to our church. I thought it was nice that she would come back for our special service. After I finished with what I was doing, I thought I would go say hello to her but she was not there. I figured she went to the restroom or was off talking to some of the others & didn't think of it further. Later, my wife was talking to the pianist & said she saw Terry come into the church but then couldn't find her. The pianist also said that she had seen her. We all thought that maybe she had changed her mind about staying for the service & had left. A week or two later my wife saw Terry at the store & asked her why she had not stayed at the service. Terry did not know what she was talking about. My wife told her that we had seen her there & described the dress she was wearing. Terry started crying & said that she had not been to the service but that her deceased mother had been buried in that dress. Her mother had been a member of our church several years ago & had died in the '80's. Gives you goosebumps, doesn't it?


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