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why Americans love their guns.


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  • why Americans love their guns.

    I have always wondered why it is that American culture is so centered on guns. I know the constituional right to bear arms...yadda yadda, but what is it that makes the average american man want to go and buy the biggest baddest gun he can?

    I am a Canadian with British heritage, so naturally guns are not a big part of my life. I was hoping, since almost all of you have expressed such love for guns, you could give me some insight. (P.S. I'm not bashing guns, or gun enthusiasts...)
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    Jeezus Sam, why did you have to mention the `G' word again? Things have just settled down on the other Forums in relation to the `G' word and now you are going to get the `G' Freaks all riled up and exicited all over again. [Wink]


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      You don't want to understand, so don't ask.


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        [ 04-04-2003, 08:37 PM: Message edited by: Frank Booth ]


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          I am not Mr. Gun. There are a few people at work that I talk to that don't understand. They think that just because I have a Smith and Wesson on my side, I love to talk about guns. They think that I know every gun known to man. I don't and I really don't care.

          Our country does like guns. It is somewhat unfortunate that we have so many guns. However, it is our right and I agree with it being our right to bear arms. I think that our country tends to favor firearms because of the British. It was a big deal back in the time of the revolutionary war.

          Now days, hunting is a big deal to quite a few people. There is a good number of people that keep a weapon for protection, because the bad guys have guns.

          To answer your question, I think that you have to look back to the revolution.
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            Frank Booth,

            You're right about Canada sending a token force when we need to, however that's because of our jackass prime minister who we can't seem to get rid of...don't ask!

            However, Canadians have many guns...30 million Canadians, 10 million families = 7 million guns. We do have a gun and hunting culture in Canada (more hunting than the US I dare to do you explain all these US hunters coming up to hunt moose, turkey, and bear?)

            Canadians just aren't obsessed with bearing arms at all costs and gunning down each other at the slightest provocation! Over 11,000 gun-involved murders in the US last year...only 165 in Canada!

            I'd better take cover! [Wink]


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              Maybe because it's so cold in Canada people would rather stay home and be warm


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                We don't gun people down at the slightest provocation. That is a lie.

                [ 11-29-2002, 11:29 AM: Message edited by: Mike Tx ]


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                  [ 04-04-2003, 08:37 PM: Message edited by: Frank Booth ]


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                    Americans can explain their obsession with firearms to the outside world about as well as Canadians can explain their obsession with curling (and no I'm not talking about hair either!).

                    Both think the other's obsession is rather silly.

                    While I admit nobody's been killed in curling (that I know of), those cute little donut/bowling pin looking things haven't won any wars either.

                    And Frank has a point...when you've had to fight for your independence (against what was then the mightiest military force in the world), as opposed to having it handed to you at the King's (or Queen's) convenience, you're simply going to have a much different perception of life.

                    [ 11-29-2002, 11:43 AM: Message edited by: Sig220Man ]


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                      I'm compensating for erectile dysfunction, by buying guns.


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                        Why does a dog lick himself ?

                        but what is it that makes the average american man want to go and buy the biggest baddest gun he can?

                        Because he CAN.

                        I made a .50 BMG from scratch. I did it simply because I have the ability and the tools to do it.

                        Another reason was the fact that Bill Klinton and Janet Reno used to have nightmares about citizens owning such "powerful" weapons at the time. HCI and others were undertaking a campaign that would "outlaw" these rifles that could"shoot through a tank at a mile away".
                        Like usual, they didnt have a clue of what they were talking about. They didnt know that the average .50 weighed 32 pounds and was strictly a target gun. They tried to cure a problem that was non existant just to further an agenda, an anti gun agenda.

                        Any time a politician, president, general secretary of the UN, governer, mayor, some yahoo from a different country that cant own one or somebodys mama tells me I "shouldnt" own a gun, it makes me want to go to Walmart and walk out with a new one... [Eek!]

                        So there ya have it...pretty simple aint it ?
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                          Frank Booth says:
                          Cuz Canadians are such poor shots and/or warriors that they need Americans to come up to thin the herds. "Help, help, the bears are running amok!!! Call some Americans to shoot some of them!!! There's a moose in da shed!! Quick, call Detroit for reinforcements!!!

                          Frank, sure us Canadians will call on the American hunters to thin the herds...and charge a $10,000 guiding fee while we're at it!


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                            [ 04-04-2003, 08:38 PM: Message edited by: Frank Booth ]


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                              Hey Frank! Do you know who recently made what was reported to be the longest distance sniper kill? A Canadian sniper team from the PPCLI operating in Afganistan got an al Queda member at over 2400 metres! Not bad for a token force!

                              Don't go putting down Canadian military accomplishments. Without a doubt our government has badly neglected the armed forces lately. As far as WW2 goes, you may be surprised to hear that it started in 1939, not 1941.


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