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    This may not be the place for this, but Im running out of options and Ive reached the end of my rope. I have selected the Fraternal Order of Police as my final project in government class; however, I have had no luck finding the solution to the last 6 questions for my report. All of the legislative and benefit aspects are clearly listed, while financial information seems to be taboo. I have even tried to call the national FOP offices where their phone line, number, or website has a problem. Any help you could offer would be most appreciated as the report is due monday. :/ A million thanks in advance.

    1. What is the cost to join and remain a member of the FOP?
    2. Approximately how much money does the FOP collect nationally and from what sources?
    3. Where are a majority of these funds directed?
    4. Are there any national level politicians the FOP supports? (It is our classes understanding the support is usually gained in the form of donations to campaign causes)
    5. Does the FOP utilize funds to lobby congress?
    6. Are the any other important budget issues relating to this group?

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    Above is the FOP grand lodge contact website. Maybe your questions could be best answered there.

    good luck


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      I appreciate the link, but Ive already searched that site up and down. It just seems like any financial information is taboo.

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        Try making a written request for the information to the physical address or email address given. I'm sure they have a process of some sort that will privide you with information. I believe there is even a phone number on there.

        Here is the national secretary's email address:
        [email protected]

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          For PAC money, try snooping around in Congressmen's financial reporting. They are supposed to disclose PAC money that they get.

          As for what they are lobbying for, try
          web page

          Or you might try subscribing to their magazine. that might also help you with their finances.

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            Good ideas, ty. I did email them 3 weeks ago (when the project was actually assigned) and still have yet to receive a response. I agreed with the private organization part, but I assumed there might be some finacial information somewhere and that by chance, someone on this MB had come across it. As far as their magazine goes, It was my understanding its more of a newsletter for members.


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